Aussie female fashion retailer Sussan launches new 'Only For Women' brand campaign via Portas

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 7.39.30 am.jpgIconic Australian fashion retailer Sussan will launch an exciting new brand direction today titled ʻOnly For Womenʼ across its network of stores and online, developed by Portas Agency.

After 80 years in the industry, the fresh creative direction by Sussan celebrates women as the essence of the company and will be fronted by a contemporary campaign.

The philosophy around this new direction was a natural fit, stemming from the brandʼs history having been built by a woman, led and designed by women and itʼs offering purely made with a woman in mind.
Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 7.39.43 am.jpgSussan understands clothing plays an important role in showcasing a womanʼs identity and shaping her confidence; so Sussan works tirelessly to understand her needs and to create fashion that fits her lifestyle.

Rebecca Hard, general manager of Sussan, says this thinking is at the heart of all decisions the brand makes.

Says Hard: "Sussan has always been Only for Women. We are a modern lifestyle brand for Australian women. We want to ensure we are connecting with our customers and showing her, that women are and have always been everything to us."Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 7.40.02 am.jpg

The Only for Women brand creative will launch today, Tuesday 5th February across the retailers 190 stores nationwide and via itʼs largely followed online and social channels.

Sussan was launched in 1939 and currently employs over 20 designers and 1,466 women via its stores and head office. Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 7.40.12 am.jpg Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 7.40.25 am.jpg


Account Circus said:

All those men who've been shopping at Susan must be gutted.

LGBTQI+ said:

No transwomen allowed?

Australia said:

No locations here good enough for this then?

@Australia said:

Agreed, it's not great that an iconic Australian brand doesn't support Australian based crews and models. You really didn't need to go to London for an apartment with a chair.

Plus-sized said:

Anything for me?

Real woman said:

Where do I shop if I'm not a lollipop????

Confused. said: who was it for before the new brand direction?

D&I committee said:

Only for women, eh? Sounds like you need one of our workshops.

BS said:

'Built by a woman'..Really?
Get your facts right.Sportsgirl was started and buiit by a man called David Bardas.
His daughter Naomi Milgrom eventually took it over and has done a damn good job.
since she did.

Mmmm said:

Might wanna rename the campaign to "Only for white women... mostly"

Current year said:

Please change it to 'Only for Womxn'. Thank you.

Yassss said:

Shhhh. Shhhh.. Shhhh.

Can you hear that?

What's that sound?

Oh shit sister, that's the sound of Susan poking through my insta making me wanna get derp with the derpde derp before the sun rises on 2019.

So hip that I derped before I derpedy derped and that definitely ended with a derpe derp. Get on board or miss the choo choo train, bitches!

Seriously out of touch said:

I accept 'championing women' etc., is a legitimate strategy.
However, for a company in the fashion business, this is all looking a little out of touch.

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