Bubba Pizza makes everything better in newly launched brand campaign via By All Means

Bubba Pizza Proxy key frames.jpgAustralian-owned fast food chain, Bubba Pizza, has unleashed a new creative platform via Melbourne agency, By All Means. Developed in collaboration with strategic partner, Forward Scout, the new work establishes Bubba Pizza (a burgeoning chain of over 25 stores through Victoria and South Australia) as the champion of relaxed good times, asking customers to 'Let Bubba make it better'.

Says Mat Cummings, managing director, By All Means: "It's funny, but so many fast food brands (pizza in particular) seem to have forgotten that their advertising needs to inspire people and give them a reason to consider the brand.

BUBBA_outdoor.jpg"These days most fast food brands are focused on pumping out a stream of boring, typical promotional deal based communications in a desperate race to the bottom. We wanted to lift Bubba from the rest of the pack and give them a real edge by injecting a good dose of purpose and fun into their brand."

Running through the Bubba_mas.jpg entire business, Bubba's new positioning has extended to touchpoints as varied as the company's social media activity, uniforms, recruitment, menus, advertising, content and pizza boxes.

The campaign has so far uncovered that there are very few activities Bubba can't make better, and include, but are not limited to: parking tickets, public transport, exercise, family meals, hangovers, dentistry, wobbly giant inflatable men, and (in the campaign's most recent incarnation) Christmas.

The first stage ofBubba_web1.jpg Bubba's hijacking of the silly season involved the creation of a (probably) world first, Christmas flavoured pizza, dubbed "The Bubbamas", which became the catalyst in bringing one very lucky family together for a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas lunch. The family reunion, which spanned two continents, was facilitated by YET ANOTHER pizzaBubba_boxes.jpg innovation: 'The Bubba Pizza Proxy'. Plus a little help from comedian Aaron Gocs.

Says Damian Hopper, business development manager, Bubba Pizza: "There are so many brands out there taking themselves so seriously. We are not one of those brands. We've built our business around making great food that makes people happy. It's as simple as that, and we wanted our advertising to celebrate it.

"This is only the beginning, because we fully believe there's nothing that Bubba can't make better."

Bubba Pizza
Business Development Manager: Damian Hopper

Agency: By All Means
Co-Creative Director/Director: Toby Cummings
Co-Creative Director/Director: Ed Howley
Managing Director: Mat Cummings
Planning Director: Frank Bethel (Forward Scout)
Digital Strategist: Zac Martin
Account Manager: Harriet Bell
Copywriter: Aaron Pepper, Ash Gotti
Art Director: Jacob Redding
Artwork: Joanne Gerace
Photography: Jacob Redding
Retouching: Dave Mercerbubba-social.jpg

Producer: Lisa Fineberg (Hot Dad Productions)
Co-Director: John Campbell (Hot Dad Production)
DoPs: David McKennar, Red Stevenson (Hot Dad Productions)
Sound: Alex Christensen (Hot Dad Productions)
Editor: Chris Ward
Colourist: Sonia Heideman (Pixel Creative)
Sound Design: Pip Atherstone-Reid (Windmill Audio)
Casting Agent: Highway Casting


Vinny said:

Why PR this?

VS said:

Pam's hair though.

Plops said:

@Vinny Haha. Maybe cos it’s funny and kinda clever?

etch said:

a bloody masterpiece

Gocsy said:

Gocsy ya mad dog!

Renaissance plan said:

Some great ideas piss-poorly executed.

Remote control tourist meets meh.

Do less, better next time.

FUNNY AS said:

This is hilarious

Dan O said:

I'm into it. That family is great.

Highway Casting / Casting HQ said:

YES!! Love this. How great is that family! Beautifully shot.. perfect combo of heartwarming and belly laughs!

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