City of Karratha launches 'Karratha is Calling' campaign via 303 MullenLowe, Perth + Sydney

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 10.12.50 am.jpgCity of Karratha has announced an uplifting new place branding campaign titled 'Karratha is Calling,' created by 303 MullenLowe Perth and Sydney.

The purpose of the campaign tackles the misconception that Karratha is simply a mining town, and encourages more people to live, visit and invest in the area, showcasing the breadth of what Karratha has to offer.

Tapping into all aspects of 303 MullenLowe's hyper-bundled offering - design, integrated advertising, PR, social media, web development, as well as media planning and buying through MullenLowe Mediahub - the suite of assets produced span cinema, website, OOH, digital/online, native as well as social media and PR activity that will continue to roll out in the first part of 2019 to spread the 'Karratha is Calling' message and appeal to prospective visitors, residents and investors alike.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 7.34.13 am.jpgSays Peter Long, mayor, City of Karratha: "The Karratha is Calling campaign is part of the Council's broader vision to put Karratha on the map and to promote our region to visit either on holiday or as a permanent sea change.
Karratha is Calling_Creative Print.jpg"The Council hopes that via supporting the City of Karratha as an emerging tourist spot as well as a destination with an enviable lifestyle and boundless opportunities for business investment, it will attract more people to visit and live here.
"The campaign showcases some of the many reasons why weScreen Shot 2019-02-06 at 10.27.53 am.jpg call Karratha home - world-class boating, fishing and camping, a close-knit community and high standard facilities, services and career opportunities."
Says John Linton, planning director, 303 MullenLowe: "We're talking about a regional city with WA's best-amenities per capita, which is sitting at the heart of some of the state's most spectacular natural attractions! This just isn't the story people are being told.

"The City has committed to a long-term communications strategy to shift the national mindset and the first step to achieve this is to showcase what Karratha really has to offer in a way that captures peoples' attention and motivates them to take a second look."

Says Richard Berney, executive creativeScreen Shot 2019-02-06 at 10.28.25 am.jpg director, 303 MullenLowe: "When I used to hear 'Karratha' - I thought of mining. This campaign needed to radically change that, to invite everyone into the realities of this wild and magical place. Interestingly, it began with the language. 'Karratha is Calling' softens vowels with a lyrical invitation. Ultimately this campaign is the call of a better life, and the locals who are ready to share their secret with the rest of us."Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 10.28.41 am.jpg
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City of Karratha
Manager of Marketing & Communications: Matthew Jewkes
Communications Officer: Lisa Morrison  
Communications Officer: Sara Renall  
303 MullenLowe (Perth & Sydney Offices)
Executive Creative Director: Richard Berney
Creative Director: Chris Swift

Creative Lead: Dean Hunt
Senior Art Director: Steve Lorimer
Senior Copywriter: Dave Wilson
Digital Art Director: Andrew Allingham
Design: Vinnay Chhana
Producers: Rozanne Fretz and Eloise Cribb
Strategist: John Linton
Senior Account Director: Krista Song
Business Manager: Eloise Cribb
General Manager MediaHub: Rene Migliore
Senior Media Manager: Kylie Macey
Media Planner: Lucinda Kitney
Technical Director: Alex Graham
Digital Producer: Kevin Cyr
PR Director: Catherine Sumner
PR Account Executive: Shannon Peakman
Production Company: Sandbox
Photographer: Dan Proud
Producer: Jenny Crabb
Audio Production: Brad Habib


The Poet who don't know it said:

What a bunch of pretentious claptrap.

Let's start with the woeful iambic pentameter disguised as a manifesto - few things in this genre have felt so forced.

Where is Karratha? Just up the coast from Sydney? South Australia? Who knows?This sad ode to obscurity won't tell you. Perhaps a better tagline might have been, 'Karratha. Near Perth, the ends of the Earth'.

Finally - as if to consciously undermine (see what I did there) the belief that this place is just a dust bowl somewhere in the wild West, the fucking logo blows away like fine sand in the last three frames.

The CD on this should hand his wages back.

Bob said:

Wow 10:48. No wonder the West has a secession movement happening.

Not an ignorant poet said:

The amazing thing about the world we live in is that if you don’t know something or are a bit ignorant, you can type it into Google and find out all sorts of things. Like where a place is in your own country. If this was on TV I'd do exactly that. It looks amazing.

Sound design and production is beautiful.

Pete G said:

Simple message, beautiful execution. Very nice Dean!

Thuglife said:

these are beautiful pictures / ads

would be great if it was for a place people could easily visit

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