Global music agency West One Music Group expands to Australia with new Sydney office

Emily_Dan_Edwin (1).jpgWest One Music Group, an independent global music agency that provides music for leading brands and media companies, has expanded into Australia and New Zealand with the opening of a dedicated Sydney-based office, as announced today by Edwin Cox (right), global CEO of West One Music Group.

As part of the expansion, West One Music has appointed Dan Moonie (centre) to head up its Australian operation as senior music licensing consultant who will report directly to Cox, and Moonie will also be supported by Emily Oliver (left), who has been named as music and licensing consultant and will report to Moonie.
The opening of West One Music's Sydney office brings the company's total number of international operations to 12; they have offices in Dublin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Munich, Paris, Warsaw, Hong Kong, Thailand, Sweden, and South America. West One Music are also direct members of 56 collecting societies around the globe.

Says Cox: "West One Music is built on a very simple principle: connecting our clients to the brightest talent to create the best music for their media. Staying committed to that is what has helped us find success in markets around the world, and I'm confident that will be true of Australia and New Zealand as well. I'm very glad to have Dan and Emily join our team and I look forward to working with them both."

Says Moonie: "West One Music has earned a sterling reputation as one of the top production music houses in the world. With the incredible talent roster and the amazing global management team that we have here under Edwin's leadership, it's easy to feel very confident about what we can accomplish in Australia and New Zealand."

West One Music's expansion into Australia and New Zealand will bring an independent, music-first approach to a heavily sub-publisher dominated market, that will offer the media industry a youthful, vibrant and creatively-driven alternative to the majors. Having an on-the-ground operation will enable West One Music to respond to the needs of the marketplace more efficiently, and recruit more local talent.

West One Music is committed to providing the best possible service to the local market, so the company wanted to build a team with local expertise and a track record of success in Australia and New Zealand. Moonie's experience and ties to the local music community sets up West One Music to be competitive in Australia and New Zealand from day one. Prior to joining West One Music, Moonie worked at Extreme Music (Sony ATV) as senior creative sync associate where he was responsible for pitching and negotiating music campaigns with some of the biggest and best advertising companies and networks.

With over 50,000 pre-cleared tracks, West One Music Group is home to 1,000 artists and composers featuring award-winning and emerging talent from across the world. The company also has a commercial offering with its Little Assembly label. Founded with a desire to support talent that pushes the boundaries of their genre, Little Assembly is developing new ways to partner brands with today's artists.

Some recent local programming featuring West One's music include A Current Affair, Bondi Rescue, Crime Investigation Australia, Destination Flavour, and Gogglebox.

(Pictured L-R: Emily Oliver, Music Licensing and Consultant; Dan Moonie, Senior Music Licensing Consultant; and Edwin Cox, Global CEO of West One Music Group)


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Good to see an independent expanding. Well done.

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