Overconfident pets star in RACV Pet Insurance's latest creative campaign via CHE Proximity

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 9.34.42 am.jpgPets are always confusing their ambition with their ability, yet 94% of Australian pet owners don't have cover. To help RACV launch its new pet insurance, CHE Proximity has created a campaign that shows how RACV covers pets for their overconfidence through a range of vet medical supplies.

The integrated campaign sees RACV partner with one of Australia's most trusted animal hospitals, Lort Smith, and four globally renowned artists and designers, to raise awareness of under-insured Victorian pets.

Creating a limited-edition range of veterinary supplies, the artists designed a lion mane cone, a pet-cast that features a tattoo sleeve print, bandages with attitude, and an amped up wheelchair.

The stars of the campaign, beloved pets Lady, Leo and Yasmina, now have the insurance they need and are the first to be kitted out with medical supplies worthy of their adventurous attitudes.

The designers responsible for the range of supplies include:
- Tim Chappel, costumer designer on Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
- Dennis McCarthy, picture car coordinator for the Fast & Furious releases F3 (Tokyo Drift) to present
- Gareth Davies, tattoo artist from Bondi Ink
- James Jirat Patradoon, Heavy Metal Illustrator

RACV's partnership with Lort Smith will see thousands of bold bandages and lion mane cones available to pets who come in for treatment with an RACV Pet Insurance Policy.

Says Laura Wilson, GM marketing and membership, RACV: "We understand the role pets play within the family and we really wanted to celebrate their unique personalities and their often overconfidence throughout our campaign. We saw a great brand alignment with Lort Smith who like us, want to encourage responsible pet ownership, which includes getting pets insured, so that they are covered when their cat or dog needs medical attention."

General Manager Marketing & Membership - Laura Wilson
Senior Marketing Manager Home - Max Garrido
Marketing Manager Home - John Brunckhorst
Marketing Consultant - Courtney Dufty
Social Media Specialist - Celia Murray
Media and Communications Advisor - Stephanie McCormack
Creative Agency - CHE Proximity
Chief Creative Officer - Ant White
Group Creative Director - Glen Dickson
Creative Director -  Garret Fitzgerald
Senior Creatives - Cameron Bell / Sam Dickson
Snr Producer - Jen Livingston
Production Assistant - Nina Weiss
Sound Engineer - Matt Thompson
Online Editor - Olivier Ledoux
CEO - Chris Howatson
Client Partner - Jamal Cassim
Group Account Director - Emily Gray
Director, Brand & Culture - Danish Chan
Account Manager - Sarah Cox
Social Lead - Sophie Doyle
Social Creative - Henry Clarke
Snr Operations Manager - Pravina Kumar
Production Manager - Avery Clark
Retoucher - David McNeil
PR Director - Georgia Wright
Snr PR Account Manager - Barton Zaia
Production Company - FINCH
Director  -  Alex Roberts
Exec Producer - Corey Esse
Producer -  Jackie Adler
DP-  Matt Toll
Editing Company - ARC EDIT
Editor - Rodrigo Balart
Photographer - Garth Oriander
Photography Assistant - Maria Rixen

Wheelchair Designers - Dennis McCarthy and Eric Shimp
Cone Designer - Tim Chappel
Cast Tattoo Designer - Gareth Davies
Bandage Designer - James Jirat Patradoon
Media Agency - OMD
Business Director - Gemma Lasenby
Account Director - Dervla McGivern
Trading Manager - Chris Androulidakis
Senior Trader - April Nicholson


Genunely funny said:

Really good

I like these said:

These are nicely done, beautifully produced, and most importantly, start from a real truth. My dog is an accident-prone idiot.

Miaw Miaw said:

Would have been lovely to see a Lion in the ad.

The Oracle said:

These are good. Particularly the one with the specimen container.

A different VO artist for each of the pets would have made them even better, but let's not quibble.

Ben said:

Love em. Really fun and nicely done indeed.

Thumbs up said:

Cam and Sam - killing it!

Nice work! said:

These are genuinely great. Hat tip.

Ye boi said:

Great work.

Well done said:

You managed to make RACV look (sort of) cool

Andy said:

Love ‘em. Well done to everyone involved.

Woof! said:

Amazingly dorky, these give with joy.

Kate said:

Nice work. And man, what a fun shoot that would have been.

Meh said:

Credits and comments suggest the CHEP crew rate this one.
Let’s not get over excited boys and girls.
We know solid work is hard to come by at your joint but calm down.

Love Ads said:

Hahahaha! These are hilarious - 1 down 8 to go, killed me. Want to get a pet just to get pet insurance now.

Squiggle said:

The cat one makes no sense.
And why are they in a human hospital?

Pitty said:

Wow, you guys made pet insurance look cool.

These are incredible!

hummmmm said:

Ha it is great when you can tell that 90% of the comments are from people connected to the campaign.

Ariel said:

hydraulic lift on dog very good

Adman and Pet owner said:

Really sweet spots - congrats to all involved.

(And I had nothing to do with them).

It's a Trap! said:

Go CHEP staff! Positively comment! Say you love it!

Deny working for hte company!

Go go go!

Tums up said:

As everyone in the Australian advertising industry is aware, there’s a direct correlation between positive comments on anonymous blogs and success of a campaign. So keep pumping up the tyres CHE, it’s not embarrassing and it’ll definitely help the work in the long run.... lol


YAY YAY YAY @11:46
#AMAZE @11:47
Best.Ever.Campaign @11:48
More credits please @11:49
Pets. Strategy is ground breaking @11:50

Stop CHE. This is awkward for everyone.

RC said:

These are brilliant! Well done guys.

Cam said:

I've already got pet insurance with RACV, but this makes me want to take out another policy. Well shot, great music, fun script. Well done to all involved.

Blair said:

Glen gets it.

Actually awesome said:

So good! Just made pet insurance an award opportunity, these are going to pick up for sure. Cam and Sam going to be CDs in no time.

Jet said:

Try and keep the comments to the work.

It’s starting to sound all too much like a self-congratulatory fap fest.

Richard said:

Lots of people criticising positive comments and not the work.
I dare say that says something about the work.

TK said:

Fuckin love them

not from CHEP said:

The two dog ones were great.
(I didn't really get the conclusion of the cat one? But I'm not a cat person so no love lost).

jealous said:

I just resigned from my job because there is no point continuing. This is the best ad anyone has ever seen or thought of.

Speechless said:

I though the birth of my son was the most moving event witnessed.

Then I saw these ads.

Immediately deleted all the photos and videos I have of him to make room for these babies and whatever else CHEP comes up with.

Just moved to tears guys

Richard said:

Still no critique of the work.

Lovers gonna love.

Cant fault the work said:

It’s beautifully shot. Definitely no clunky edits or cheap art dept 9/10.
The VO is perfect, no one has ever used the inner monologue of an animal before 9/10.
Conceptually and executionally it’s a masterpiece. Brilliant work to all involved, especially the creative team.

Hope this validation helps. If not just comment a couple more times.

@Can't fault the work said:

who hurt you?

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