Real estate market disrupter Purplebricks appoints King Kong as digital marketing agency

27fd895c3abf634146c8497b77d7e062e2ef5e2c.jpgReal estate market disrupter Purplebricks has signed on full-service digital marketing agency, King Kong, to lead its digital marketing in Australia.

King Kong has won the business from the incumbent global marketing agency.

Says Neil Tavender, CEO, Purplebricks Australia: "As a disrupter in the real estate industry, we needed a campaign to match our agile, results-focused approach. So King Kong was the perfect fit. Purplebricks Australia is growing rapidly and we wanted a digital marketing partner to help build on that momentum.
"We know that once we get a lead, our real estate agents have an extremely high rate of conversion. In fact, over 90% of our customers say they would sell with us again. So we engaged King Kong for our digital marketing to increase the volume of appraisals booked with us. And already in a short space of time the results have been impressive."

Says Sabri Suby, founder and CEO of King Kong: "In our talks with Purplebricks, we spoke about our direct response marketing offering.

"Impressions, clicks, likes, shares, follows and all those vanity metrics don't mean a thing unless they result in sales. We don't talk about vanity metrics. Instead we focus on hard numbers - cost per lead, how much they're willing to spend to acquire a customer, ROI, and guaranteed results. We have a strong track record for real results, and that's something the Purplebricks team recognised in moving away from the previous global digital agency to King Kong."

King Kong is developing and implementing digital marketing strategies that promote Purplebricks in Australia: starting with a microsite, Google Ads campaign, YouTube pre-roll, Facebook ads and a sophisticated sales funnel. Fronted by Barry Du Bois, the campaign focus is on explaining the Purplebricks difference, highlighting its results for clients, and addressing any questions or concerns.

"Purplebricks' business model means it shares King Kong's necessity for online marketing, converting prospects to buyers, and using research and data to make strategic decisions. We will be implementing a sophisticated sales funnels for Purplebricks to take complete strangers and turn them into piping hot sales leads, to help Purplebricks in its quest to completely disrupt the real estate landscape. And we will be educating and nurturing people who are not yet ready to 'buy' and essentially turning them into a sales opportunity so when they are ready to sell their property, they will be willing to do it with Purplebricks.

"We have been undertaking detailed market research to find what the general sentiment on real estate agents in the marketplace - what are the pains, fears, hopes and dreams of people listing their houses. We will help Purplebricks eat through the conventional model of traditional, commission-based real estate agents, and look at the best way to position their offer to the market and communicate the value they offer."


Funtimes said:

AKA cut price service provider chooses cut price service provider...

Sold. said:

A lot of marketing 101 in that release.

A student if the art said:

Thanks for the lecture.
Question: Why did King Kong use 3AW to generate leads?

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