Tali launches new look and 'happier kids start here' creative via Best Friends Forever

Tali-Happier-kids-start-here-green-bg.jpgAustralian health technology brand Tali has today revealed its new brand creative, 'happier kids start here' by Melbourne-based agency, Best Friends Forever.

Tali is home to world-leading digital tools that improve the attention of children everywhere. Tali Train, the company's first product to market, is a non-drug-based, clinically-validated digital therapy designed to treat early childhood lack of attention, a key issue in children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and ADHD.
QYx0dqGl.jpegThe program was created by cognitive psychologists, neuroscientists, developers and designers who really care about kids. The new creative extends the colour, joy and child-friendly appeal from the program itself outwards to reveal a completely new visual identity.jRaoiyIr.jpg

Says Jordan Vizbulis, marketing manager, Tali: "We're for kids first. We want Tali to be fun, inviting, and forward-focused. We wanted to create a brand identity that reflects who we are, who we are for. Our aim was to develop a new brand identity that would support us in educating more parents, educators and healthcare professionals worldwide about the benefits of improving  attention in kids everywhere.

"Our tagline is 'Happier kids start here' and this speaks to the passion and focus of the team, and our connection to our purpose. When we were developing the brand identity, every team member was aligned on one thing - that the purpose of Tali is to give every child a better chance at a happy life.

"The new branding really supports our vision. Tali is the transition to an attentive mind, and this message is consistently communicated through the new visual identity--in a fun and lighthearted manner that is true to us."

The brand reveal coincides with Tali's upcoming visits to SXSW Edu and DTx West where they will present and demo their product to potential partners and customers ahead of their US launch.

Says Vizbulis: "Attention is a significant problem. If you just take westernised countries who participate in studies, there are 136M children who have a severe attention deficit issue.

"North America, particularly the US, has the highest level of ADHD in children, so from the perspective of bringing a digital intervention to market, we've got a large opportunity ahead of us. We're confident the new brand will resonate with children, parents and practitioners alike, combining over 25 years of neuroscientific research and a clinically-validated product with playful and memorable branding."

Miranda Maturana, founding director at Best Friends Forever and strategic lead on the rebrand said Tali is truly unique in its product, team and culture and Best Friends Forever wanted to communicate that to anyone experiencing the brand.

Says Maturana: "The creative has been designed to reflect the people behind the company and connect with customers in a meaningful way."

Miranda Maturana, Head of Strategy & Experience
Jose Maturana, Head of Design
Jeremy Claridge, Designer
Tali Management: Glenn Smith, CEO
Jordan Vizbulis, Marketing Manager
Tom Brown, Digital Marketing Manager
Kimberly Cook, Graphic Designer


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