Tennis Australia creates a racquet with latest campaign for ANZ Tennis Hot Shots via Hardhat

BTN1 (1).jpgTennis Australia has launched a new campaign for the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program with creative agency Hardhat.
The vibrant and infectious 'Noise, please!' campaign will be seen across radio, print and digital during the summer tennis season, raising awareness of Tennis Australia's coaching sessions for kids aged 5 to 12.

The campaign is an energetic celebration of the key aspects of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program, encouraging kids to "Bring the noise" to every session. It smashes some of the preconceived notions about tennis by illustrating a hyper fun world of teamwork, play, friendships and learning.

BTN2 (1).jpgVisuals were directed by Hugh Peachey, who brought the concept to life by utilising his eye for the perfect shot to capture incredible moments from the cast of pint-sized tennis players.
For the soundtrack, musician and Miami Horror collaborator Geordie Hewitt created the catchy, contemporary track that perfectly encapsulates the energy and attitude of an ANZ Tennis Hot Shots session.
Says Dan Monheit, co-founder and strategy director, Hardhat: "The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program does so much for the kids who participate in terms of building skills and confidence - which is exactly what parents expect. What was amazing, and if we're honest, a little surprising, was the level of pure fun and excitement we experienced in the sessions we visited - which is precisely what we've set out to convey."
Says Jo Juler, head of marketing, Tennis Australia: "Our results for 2017/18 have been fantastic and it was wonderful to kick off the summer with a bang. We have seen a 41% increase in participation year on year, taking our ANZ Tennis Hot Shots numbers to 543,850 with a split of 44% girls and 56% boys. We were thrilled to have a campaign that reflected not only the energetic and social benefits of the program but also the inclusivity and undeniable fun."
The campaign went live in January, and is one of the first major projects Hardhat has worked on with Tennis Australia.
Client: Tennis Australia
Head of Marketing: Jo Juler
Marketing Manager: Sally Hooper
Agency: Hardhat
Director: Hugh Peachey
Producer: Liz Reeder
Copywriter: Jonathan Heath
Art Director: Tom Fitzgerald
Account Director: Jenna Hall
Senior Account Manager: Gabi Raison


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Wait, didn't the writer on this also pen a Mumbrella article ripping into the state of film ads in Australia? Awesome to see some new trails being blazed here #thefuture

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Why anyone would want to put their name to this drivel is beyond me.

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I like the colours

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Next time bring the idea.

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'Noise please' seems like the idea. So I'm not sure why it says bring the noise. No CD mentioned on this. Can see why.

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They must be a digital agency. It's all clip art.

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