Picture 183.pngA pair of gumboots set in a grassy box have been judged the supreme winner of the 2008 Art Of The Envelope Awards, held last night at Hopetoun Alpha, Auckland, hosted by renowned graphic artist Otiz Frizzell.
Mark Lorrigan, Jordan Sky, Alex Hamilton and Sarah Crimmins at Saatchi DGS created the Best In Show ‘Gumboots’ campaign for their client Gen-I. The high-impact direct mail piece was sent to more than 300 New Zealand companies to promote the new Gen-I Blackberry 8830 phone, and how the Blackberry 8830’s wireless access to the office allows employees to spend more time “in the field”.
The campaign was also judged the winner of the Avant-Garde category. The Saatchi team wins a trip for two to New York Design Week.
The Art Of The Envelope Awards are held each year by Candida Stationery and the New Zealand Post Mail Marketing Service, to showcase ground-breaking use of creativity in envelope and ‘outer’ concepts and design, and celebrate innovation in direct mail.
Picture 181.pngPicture 182.pngOther category winners, who each take home fantastic prizes to the tune of $2,000, were:
•    Mailed Masterpiece: Y&R for BNZ ‘Raincoat’ (Danny Brown, Stacey Roper, Vaughn Davis)
•    Redefine & Redesign: Madinagoodway Ltd for Fitland Auckland ‘6-Pack’ (Mari Pettersson)
•    50c Classic: TBWA\Tequila for ASB ‘Hatvelope’ (Tamryn Baumgarten, Michael Goldthorpe)
Jason Hall of Rapp also won the online voters’ prize of an Air New Zealand Mystery Break for two.
Says New Zealand Post Mail Marketing Service Marketing Manager Fiona Woolley: “More than 140 entries were received for the 2008 awards. Entries used everything from live bacteria to raincoats, hats and blenders to create ground-breaking and engaging pieces of direct mail – making the task of picking a winner extremely difficult for the judging panel.”
A second showcase event is being held in Wellington on Thursday 20th November. Tickets are available for this event, to be held at the Exchange Gallery, at


Phil said:

It'll be the only award that thing wins.

Charles said:


Anonymous said:

Good night thanks Candida and NZ Post. Thanks for the prizes.

Stan said:

Yawn. Gumboots again.

Just a small point, why are they six feet under the grass and not standing on top of it? Did the Mafia kill the farmer? Or were DGS worried NZ Post would lose the gumboots if they weren't in a box?

Pete said:

What a strange envelope.

Tony said:

Well done guys. You're off to New York but boy, that is truly horrible creative. Who were the judges that felt sending gum boots to farmers constituted break through creative? Hang your heads.

Steve said:

Good question Tony!

Who WERE the judges?

Anonymous said:

Will the art of the envelope judges please stand up? Does anyone want to put their name to this decision?

Tom said:

Is that grass those boots are standing on or is it a bog?
Looks like it was good night nurse for the poor bloody Farmer. Sunk to the bottom of the earth with only his boots left to tell the tale. Poor bugger.

Anonymous said:

For a minute there I thought that header said Saatchi Dog.

Joey said:

Move on people, move on.

Anonymous said:

They kind of have a point though.

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