Colenso BBDO Auckland heads the list of New Zealand agencies according to The Big Won 2008 rankings, just released. DDB New Zealand is in second place, followed by Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand.
The Big Won is a survey of the world’s best marketing communications as measured by the quantity and quality of awards won. In 2008 nearly 12,000 awards were logged, won by 1,702 different agencies – with credits to over 22,000 different people.
In 2008, in association with The Garden Recruitment, the UK’s fastest-growing advertising recruitment consultancy, The Big Won has also compiled rankings of the top creative people.

Top 10 New Zealand agencies
1. Colenso BBDO Auckland (208 points)
2. DDB New Zealand (190)
3. Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand (164)
4. Publicis Mojo Auckland (132)
5. Clemenger BBDO Wellington (72)
6. AIM Proximity New Zealand (68)
7. Ogilvy New Zealand (60)
8. Blackwood Communications (38)
9. Rivet New Zealand (36)
10. Tequila Auckland (34)

Top 10 New Zealand campaigns by all media
1.  Speights Great Beer Delivery - Publicis Mojo New Zealand (88 points)
2.  Deadline Couriers Self Destruct - Colenso BBDO Auckland (74)
3.  NZ Book Council Read A Book At Work - Colenso BBDO Auckland (48)
4. NZ Comedy Festival Offensive - Colenso BBDO Auckland (40)
5. NZ Bakers Association Gingerbread Haka - Blackwood (38)
6= Land Transport NZ Crashed Beds campaign - Clemenger BBDO Auckland (26)
6= Durex Pillowcases - DDB New Zealand (26)
8. Omaka Heritage Centre - Clemenger BBDO Auckland (20)
9= Oxfam Unwrapped - Tequila Auckland (16)
9= Schweppes Film Festival - Publicis Mojo Auckland (16)


Scoring points
Every award entered into the database is allocated points but more points are allocated to a Gold at Cannes than to a Gold at the Creative Circle, for instance. This is because there are four tiers of awards shows.

Tier 1 is the global shows such as Cannes or (for DM) The Caples.
Tier 2 is for semi-global shows such as D&AD or The One Show.
Tier 3 is for regional shows, which would include FIAP, Golden Drum and EPICA, for instance.
Tier 4 comprises local shows – the BIG Awards in the UK, Golden Hammer in Latvia, les Cubes for direct marketing in France, and so on.


Anonymous said:

Here's the score that counts: the S Rating.

To calculate an agency's or country's S Rating, simply count the number of awards for charity, unpaid or agency-funded work and express this as a percentage of all awards won. For example, the S Rating for New Zealand, based on the Top 10 table above, is 6/10, or 60%.

Clients, if you're reading this, you can take this to mean that 60% of the best thinking, thinking that you're paying for, is being pointed at awards, not your business.

Anonymous said:

That's strange. 'Best agency in the world' came second in this ranking. Anymore rankings to come? Must be Saatchi's turn to get the next one, just to prove all of these rankings are worth jack shit. The whole rankings game is one giant piss pot.

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