Axis AdSchool team wins Gold at YoungGuns

JP Morgan Decimal.jpgCanon-D1000-prick.jpgGraeme Clarke and Paulene Kawasjee were the only student team from Australia and New Zealand to win a Gold at this year's Student Young Gun awards in Sydney on Friday -  and they defied the odds by winning it in a most un-student type fashion with three long copy ads for J P Morgan.
The other shortlisted entry from the school also won on the night - with a silver bullet going to Kim Fraser and Karin Lungren for their Canon Print Campaign. Well done team for proving that  a really good idea  can still sing out from drawn up ads! Congratulations to both teams and good luck on your placements from everyone at the school.

It was also a good night for AdSchool ex-graduates with Anne Boothroyd (now at Colenso BBDO) winning Gold, Silver and a finalist; Prentice Porter, Christie Cooper, Damian Galvin, Carlos Savage and Matthias May winning Bronzes; and Richard Elworthy and Alysa Wakefield scoring a finalist.


Anonymous said:

And the Canon campaign won silver and was done by Kim Fraser and (insert other name here)

Anonymous said:

If you click on the 'read on' you'll find both Kim and Karin's names - Kate

Anonymous said:

See "continue reading"

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