Kansas City billboard mystery revealed

They've kept Kansas City residents guessing for weeks: a series of simple white billboards with words like, "impossible," "hopeless" and "unbelieveable," across them.

The mystery finally ended last week when it was revealed that campaign is all part of an effort to rebrand St Luke's Health System, and re-establish their position as the area's clinical leader in heart, cancer and nuero.

Theories about the mystery boards captured the attention of the local news, Facebook and the blogosphere. One of the teaser boards even ended up on the front page of the Kansas City Star. The reveal boards show medical objects like I.V. bags covering up the 'im' in impossible and masks covering up the 'less' in hopeless.

Copy revealed that Reversing Strokes was now possible and that 120 clinical trials gave cancer patients hope. The new branding campaign also includes newspaper, magazines and TV that launched on the Super Bowl. The theme of the new campaign is "Never Settle".
Agency: BVK
Client: St Luke's Health System
Creative Director: Gary Mueller
Art Director: Scott Krahn, Michael Scalise
Writer: Gary Mueller
Photographer: Nick Collura
Retouching: Jim McDonald


Andrea said:

Hmmm. What about a stroke reversal ad where one side of the billboard skin is sagging and gradually gets pulled out straight again?

Anonymous said:

Utterly and absolute F-ing genius. The best billboard I've seen in 3 years!

Anonymous said:

The 80's just called and they want their billboards back...

Anonymous said:


Anonymous said:

Does America only have one font?

Anonymous said:

why is some random crap from kansas on the blog, it's not even close to contemporary or clever.

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