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A Brand Agency campaign that has been gaining comments on another thread is for Bostick Blu-Tack. It was noticed by one blogger on BestAds and rather than continue to take the original thread in a different direction CB thought we would make the comments more relevant by posting both the campaign and the previous comments as a new story thread.
The campaign was created by The Brand Agency for Bostik's Western Australian office and appeared as local press and point-of-sale posters. It was created by Des Hameister and Craig Buchanan with photography by Alan Myles.



Anonymous said:

Now, onto more pressing issues – who’s seen the latest scam work from The Brand (on bestads)? Kinda similar to the ads I saw on adsoftheworld a few weeks back.



Anonymous said:

Funny that. Brand's Blu Tack ads ran nearly a year ago. And they are much better. It always amuses me to see that a couple of people seem to waste hours scouring the world to find a way to have a go at another agency. What sad lives you lead.

Anonymous said:

Dude, I wasn’t having a go, just noting the unfortunate similarity to a recent campaign. I didn’t say I liked it better. And I just happen to remember it. So how about you fix yourself a nice hot cup of shutthe#@*&up?

Anonymous said:

Designed for Bostik's Western Australian office' (see credits on Bestads) !!!!!!
I'm sure they look great hanging up in the toilet round there next to the phantom Enjo book. The test of a great creative agency is one that does great work for its biggest clients. In these times that is what we should all be focussing on. The energy that goes into these blatantly obvious scams would in this case be far better directed back into the real stuff as It's been a while since there's been any accolades for anything of substance from this particular source.

Lets B. Frank said:

How's this for an idea. Sticky tape made of Blu Tac. Yeah, great! Ok then. Let's make it into a campaign. What about a nail and a screw? Nope. Boring. Oh, hang on, before we admit we have a lame idea – let's try making a hammer and a screwdriver out of Blu Tac. Geez, I can't believe we're doing this. Oh, shut up. It'll look great. Logo please.

Anonymous said:

err.. should they not be a nail and screw?
I've never found my hammer to stick things to the wall very well.

Anonymous said:

Give these guys a break. I thought they looked great when i saw them as full pages in the mandurah mail

Anonymous said:

This is inevitably what happens when AWARD hands out pencils for dps highlighter ads. Has anyone seen the latest edition of CB Asia? - the seen and noted section is laughable - full page, full colour ads for ear plugs and pregnancy tests. This sort of work should be redundant by now but we keep scamming these pieces up a month before the local award show entry date just because we know the category is weak (and no i'm not just referring to this campaign).

It's everyone's responsibility to try and better the standard of work in this town - or at least work on your own clients before turning to the easy international briefs.

And for the record, i think this work is terrible - I'd expect better from a Blu-Tack brief.

Rant over.

Anonymous said:

Such a dumb scam campaign. The 'Hammer' and 'screw driver' executions don't even work. Shouldn't the hammer be a nail and the screw driver be a screw? A screw keeps stuff held to a wall. A nail keeps stuff held to a wall...The tape is the only correct analogy. If you're going to scam at least make it half decent.

Des Hameister said:

Jeepers, there are some hostile bloggers out there in cyberspace.

Anyway, in case you’re interested, here are the facts about the campaign: the ads first appeared in June 2008 as local press and shop-a-lites in shopping centres. I can ask our media dudes to dig up the media schedule and proof-of-posting photos if anyone would like to pop up to the agency for a beer and a chat.

Feel free to shoot me down – I’m wearing my bullet-proof undies.

All the best.

Anonymous said:

If they turn up on Oasis night that'll two scam shams in a row for the Brand. Something to be mighty proud of.

Kim Shaw said:

Hey Des, good to see you guys trying to get some good work out.
Keep it up.
Cheers, Kim

Anonymous said:

The Blu Tack TV that Brand have yet to do is a complete rip-off of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQBXqByQhlE . Outrageous.

Outsider said:

Good thing you got your undies on Des, they only aim at the nuts around here.

Anonymous said:

What have the other agencies done for us lately? Slam Brand if it makes you feel big, but who has the balls to put their own work on here for judgement? It would appear that you spend too much time slamming others and not enough time doing anything great of your own.

Anonymous said:

What is going on with the ghastly yellow background, reflecting the idea perhaps? Expected better from Brand.

Sal said:


You're one of the few stand up guys at the Brand and I respect you but, did the client approach you guys for an ad or did the Brand approach them with the idea? Whether it ran is of insignificance. It is however, whether the agency was actually commissioned to do the work which determines a scam or not.

Don't let the Brand scammers bring you down Des. You're talented and too nice a guy.


Anonymous said:

Come on Kim. Could you be any more patronising. Does Perth really need to try and become more of a scam town than it already is? Leave this style of scam to Asia (I agree with the comment about the latest CB Asia - I won't be renewing my subscription, what a load of toss). Just because some talented people in Perth do a scam campaign that looks like a second-rate scam campaign from Asia and then put it out there doesn't mean we have to nice when the work is just bad, Award School stuff.


And any news of what Dale and Neil are up to after getting the boot?

Anonymous said:

shit, who else makes Sal's 'few stand up guys' list at Brand? I want names!

Kim Shaw said:

Des, please don't take my comment to be patronising.
Cheers, Kim
(Apparently there are a few scams in Asia.... you could knock me over with a feather...)

Anonymous said:

Everyone's is trying Kim so let's not applaud the effort. Praise is for the above average and this isn't. In fact it isn't even average.

Sydney said:

The way this site is going, no agency will want their work on display. There's only a handful of people in Perth who have any right to be critical about other people's work.

There's so many comments about how bad this campaign is but when you consider how little great work has come out of Perth in the last 12 months, it becomes clear that the majority of you bitches haven't done anything worthy of note or are not able to.

If you think you deserve the right to be critical then put your name next to your comments, until then leave Des alone.

Anonymous said:

Most of us are too busy doing real work to devote time and energy to scams. Sure, it won't win us any awards (just like the blutak stuff) but it will keep our boring/safe clients happy and therefore keep our jobs.

Anonymous said:

You are absolutely right "Sydney", but it would be a boring old blog if we never offered criticisms and discussed the ads. I like to get positive and negative feedback on my ads.

What amuses me is the way people take the comments to heart and the way some then shoot the messenger (this blog and, quite unbelievably, CB Asia).

It's all fun boys & girls.

Anonymous said:

This sort of scam work is created to get the creatives/agency PR - massage their egos - so they can't complain when the work get dissed. It is a different matter when the work is real and strategically sound, in which case it is usually greeted with deafening silence. And, personally, I think it wouldn't be a bad thing if agencies stopped submitting this type of work. I think that there are legitimate questions in this thread about the sort of work some agencies are producing.

Perth said:

Sydney, get off your high horse mate. When the majority of work you do is for Govt and the rest of your clients are so worried about their diminishing marketing budget (or offending even 0.0001% of the population) and you have 2 days and a stock pic for a 10 x 7 – it’s fucking hard to create brilliant work.

I’m sick of people bagging Perth for not doing enough ‘great’ work. The first thing I think when I see something cool that’s local is ‘wow, great suit to sell that in’. We are a very conservative town, so naturally the majority of our advertising is going to reflect this. And, before you call it an excuse, it doesn’t mean we don’t present ‘creative awardy-type’ ads, it just means they hardly ever ‘get up’. I bet most creatives in this town have a pretty impressive ‘bottom drawer’.

Lame work will always get crucified here, hell, even half-decent stuff gets a hammering, but that’s our right to critique it. Just because we haven’t won a Lion lately doesn’t mean we can’t contribute. If you can’t handle the criticism you’re in the wrong industry.

Sydney said:

Hey Perth. Relax. I've won fuck all and I reckon you've won nothing. Maybe a finalist in an ambient category. Keep trying.

Anonymous said:

You guys need to open your eyes to the world. In the creative field you are competing against creatives throughout Asia-Pacific and the world. Don't offer or accept excuses. In most cases you usually find the ones that truly succeed work harder and craft better.

The CD should have pushed the team harder on this. It's a bit first thought.

No sign of CB Asia here yet but I'm willing to bet that as usual there are some great ads in the Seen+Noted section. I will be renewing my subscription (but can we get it faster Kim?).

Anonymous said:

Well what do you know. A discussion has evolved.

Perth said:

Won more than a finalist Sydney, sorry. You keep trying though buddy, one day you’ll get there. Maybe.

Oh, and I am relaxed, I’m Perth remember.

Just Curious said:

You are the guy that had the problem with that erudite bloke in the thread earlier this week aren't you? Your writing style is very similar. You spend a lot of time attempting to cut people down to size. You should be a CD

Anonymous said:

I know they shifted the Bold and the Beautiful timeslot but I didn't realise it went online as well ... What a crock!
What I want to know is:
1. Who pays for all anonymous' ranting on these Blogs
2. Why do these people have so much time on their hands
3. Why aren’t they focussing on suggesting new things and keeping their clients campaigns on track, especially given what’s going on in the world
4. Why Des let the cat out of the bag about the bullet proof undies he picked up in Bagdad

Answers anyone?

Sydney said:

Look Perth. A couple of whatever you call them - PADC's or OASIS awards don't count over here. Come over and have a go in the big smoke knobby. If you're a big award winner you should have no problem getting a job with a good agency. Good luck.

Perth said:

Just Curious, I know you ARE a CD. So stop wasting time evaluating my writing style and get back to your agency of the year submission.

Just Curious said:

Perth. On reflection, I think you're probably a planner

russell crowe said:

Nice ads guys. Big chance for metal. Good luck. rc

"Bostisk - Australasia" said:

The advertising is a passionate industry based on what I have seen on this website.
I would just like to point out that creative advertising does work. It is hard to say at this point but sales of our base blue adhesive tac have risen and the future growth looks good. The beginning of the school year does bring a slight increase in sales with new posters and calendars popping up everywhere but it has been a good start. Since the ads ran sales have improved. Advertising does work and more importantly creative advertising. The brief was simple. Sell more product. Well done. ( The logo could of been bigger.)

Allan Dente said:

The yellow background works well. If you have a better colour then suggest it on this thread. Talk about the work constructively.

Anonymous said:

Ex Perthite here. Slight derail, but I didn't realise that Dale and Neil had left the Brand. Very sad news. Who else has been let go in town? Oh and my 2c, yeah, the ads a bit scammy but I still like it and you do what you gotta do to keep your profile up. If you don't like it, don't bag it, head down, bum up and come up with some decent work of your own.

Anonymous said:

Hey Bostik, isn't your product "Blu"-Tac? and you mean to say "the log could HAVE been bigger". We are a passionate lot.

Anonymous said:

This tread is now bloody entertaining and almost clever. The good threads always start out attacking and then the comedy surfaces.

I have a feeling Perth, Sydney, Bostisk, Russell and Curious are the one person or two mates having some fun. And Allan, yes, very clever but I'm not biting today. Love your work.

Anonymous said:

Great to see that muddled amongst the riff-raff on this thread that there are a few genuine professionals who have expended their efforts on providing meaningful input and comment. Let's not confuse passion for the craft with immaturity and childishness... they are two very different things.

Not from Anonymous

Anonymous said:

While we're on the subject of creatives, awards and blu-tack. How about a discussion about what level of involvement is acceptable to get your name on a potential award-winner. Coming up with the idea? Talking through the idea? Being in the room? Being a mate? Stickiness is beginning to spread among recognition-hungry creatives in agencies here at an alarming rate

Anonymous said:

Dale and Neil are happy.

Anonymous said:

While some scam others do things with meaning...

SPIRIT OF A NATION, - Mick Colliss, 6PR Radio

I used to think I had it hard, thought life was pretty tough.
If the plasma TV in my lounge was not quite big enough.
If I pulled up at the beach and the surf was flat. I’d curse.
If I pulled a warm beer from the fridge – could life get any worse?

But then you see the sorts of things we’ve seen these past few days.
The tragedy and horror from that soul destroying blaze.
You see the consequences, the sadness and the pain.
And the realization hits you – you have no right to complain.

Destruction so widespread you can’t begin to count the cost
The property, the livelihoods, the precious lives now lost.
Communities and families, destroyed and torn apart.
People forced to carry on with badly broken hearts.

But then we hear a story and our spirits are revived.
Stories where, against all odds, a person has survived.
And Sam the young Koala’s captured our entire nation.
A touch of joy amidst the carnage and the devastation.

And the way our nation’s rallied makes me feel all warm inside.
Its called ‘being Australian’ and it fills me full of pride.
A defining characteristic that makes our nation great.
When times are tough we work as one, and always help a mate.

But still the fires burn, the landscape’s like a silhouette.
This week is one that no one in our country will forget.
I simply can’t imagine what it is you’ve all gone through.
But know our thoughts and prayers, are with every one of you.

well done Mick

russell crowe said:

Nice one Mick. Are you thinking of entering that in ambient?

Junk Waffle said:

Nice one Mock.

SPIRIT OF A STATE, - Mock Coliseum
Entry for Ambient.

I used to think I had it hard, ‘cause I’m a West Aussie brat,
Who complains when The West tells me to, and never knows the facts.
If I pulled up at the bank, and they told me interest rates had gone up,
Instead of years of Howard splashing cash I‘d blame poor Geoff Gallop.

But when you see the economy turn bad, faster than we thought it would.
I must read what my next opinion is.
Hang on.

Oh yeah, capitalism is bad. Buy more. A story about cheap Plasma TVs at 6.30. Sweet.

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