Tourism WA goes East

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StephanieBuckland_sml.jpgUPDATED STORY - Tourism WA has taken the controversial route and appointed Sydney agency Host to their account. Host pitched against BMF Sydney and 303 Perth in the three-way review. 303 Perth Managing Director Alan Taylor said the agency was very disappointed. He believed they put together a great pitch utilising the full resources of both their Perth and Sydney agencies.

"We gave it our very best shot and I can honestly say even looking at it now I wouldn't have changed a thing," said Taylor.

Executive Director of Marketing Stephanie Buckland (pictured) said that Host was selected from a highly competitive field, based on their excellent submission and on a value for money assessment: "The rigorous two-stage tender process was designed to find the agency with the most outstanding and impactful marketing approach and the ability to deliver it within our budget," Buckland said.  
The controversial appointment of Host has been approved by the State Tender Review Committee, Tourism Western Australia's Strategic Marketing Committee and Tourism Western Australia's Board.  Tourism Western Australia also took the additional step to engage an external probity auditor to ensure the tender process was fair and equitable at all times.

"It was a tight competition between three highly-qualified finalists who each brought innovative
ideas to the table, but the panel agreed that Host would be best-suited to our needs. Host demonstrated an excellent grasp of the challenges in marketing Western Australia as a
tourism destination, and recommended an exciting next step in our strategic direction. Most importantly they put forward an approach which we believe will clearly differentiate WA
from the competition - nationally and internationally."

Buckland said that Host is highly regarded in the Australian advertising industry with an
impressive client list and a number of awards under their belt: "They also have a track record of delivering outstanding business outcomes for their clients which is critical for the State's $7 billion tourism industry."

She thanked all the agencies for the time and effort they put into their tender submissions.  
Buckland also acknowledged incumbent agency Marketforce for their contributions to Tourism WA: "John Driscoll and his team have provided us with outstanding service during their time as our advertising agency and we thank them."

Marketforce decided not to try and defend the account at the time the review was called. In Campaign Brief WA's April 30th story "Tourism to travel east?" Marketforce chairman, John Driscoll, said that the pitch document released by Tourism WA made it difficult for local agencies. 

"The way that the weighting of the case study part was worded implies that they were looking for case studies from major national or international clients and we believe that would disadvantage a Western Australian agency," Driscoll said at the time.

Emotions within the Perth industry have been running high on this pitch since the shortlist, that originally contained three Sydney-based agencies and 303, was announced. Many industry observers have speculated that Host has always had the inside running on the account due to their previous client/agency relationship with Buckland when she worked at BankWest. Buckland was part of the BankWest decision-making team that moved the creative account from The Brand Agency to Host in Sydney in 2007 when the bank embarked on an aggressive expansion in the eastern states. 


Anonymous said:

Thanks very much Mr Barnett!

Anonymous said:

What a surprise.

I give them 18 months before they resign the account.

Anonymous said:

... and now watch as we all bend over and take it quietly. This is a disgrace and the marketing department of TourismWA should be held to account. So Host is the right agency for both BankWest and tourism - now what possible connection could there be between the two? Hmmmm...

Anonymous said:

11.08. I am not surprised they sent it East when comments such as yours are indicative of the immaturity of the industry in the West. Grow up, go and do some decent work, and stop giving us all a bad name.

Anonymous said:

Before too long we'll have all your good accounts over here Perth. You guys should do more creative work and you may even keep a couple.

Anonymous said:

Let's see...promote WA to increase revenue spent within the state, but you send the advertising budget over east. I hope the media latch on to this one:)

Anonymous said:

Sad day for WA advertising. But Marketforce probably got rid of the people they financially needed to as soon as they decided not to re-pitch and not winning a piece of business they didn't have is hardly a case for rationalisation at 303. My feeling is the only people to really suffer with this bizarre appointment will be the tens of thousands of West Australians who depend on tourism for their livelihoods - and ultimately the client team who took the brave decision to review and appoint as they have.

Anonymous said:

Both 11.59 and 11.55 are right. But rather than bang our heads up against the wall trying to sell great ideas to clients like this - Perth creatives should simply move east and take the jobs of the ES creatives sad enough to read and comment on our pissy little Perth blog.

Life's pretty easy doing integrated campaigns for snackfoods and beer guys.

Anonymous said:

How do you expect WA agencies to produce world class work, without the revenue to support the salaries of world class talent? Its not and east vs west thing. The more accounts that move over east, the smaller the talent pool WA can support. It's as simple as that.

By moving their business to Sydney, TourismWA are actively advocating this process.

Anonymous said:

Perth has now lost a few big accounts over east. We can sit here and blame the clients and the government, but shouldn’t we at least look at ourselves? The last round of ‘CB Campaign of the Year’ winners could have won a decade ago and shouldn’t be winning today. The media landscape has changed so much but when have Perth agencies produced work that is truly category breaking? Or utilised the true potential of digital/new media in an integrated manner? If we don’t step up and start thinking outside the ‘box’, I think we can expect more decisions like this one…

Anonymous said:

Fancy that.... what a joke.

Anonymous said:

Would be ironic if one of the ex-Perth creatives get to work on this account...

Anonymous said:

Don't beat yourselves up guys. If you read the original pitch document you have clear indications that WA Tourism wanted an east coast agency. With Host's relationship with the client they were always going to win. MF saw the writing on the wall. 303 never had a chance and were only in there to make up the numbers.

Vote Labor at the next election.

Anonymous said:

It's fuckin embarrassing.


Anonymous said:

Just look at the rubbish that host are doing for Bankwest.

Anonymous said:

The Surreal Thing

Anonymous said:

Happy Holidaying

Anonymous said:

This makes me so angry I want to vomit. People, this isn't just another account going east - this is our tax dollars being extracted from the state to go into the pockets of a Sydney agency's shareholders. There are at least four agencies in town that could of handled this. Are they more 'creative' or 'effective' than Host? I defy anyone to show me any evidence that this can be quantified in a pitch. And 11:08 is right, we'll hear nothing from any of the local industry bodies about this. No one in town will speak against the government lest their are seen to rock the boat.

Anonymous said:

Silly question but one presumes Sydney and Perth are actually in the same country or have we already started stamping east coast passports at the rabbit proof fenceline?

Bruce Reynolds said:

Look, it is a sad day for WA advertising and there is no doubt the local agencies would have done a great job.

You would have to say Tourism WA have taken a bold move and one they would not have taken lightly.

So from every perspective the question that will have to be answered in the fullness of time really is going to be... what has been the net result!

Cost of application V's roadhouse Chiko roll sales, how many more new ProV1's will you now find at the bottom of the quarry nine holes and bums on seats.

If it turns out they sell the state wares to a squillion more new punters, great, justified. If the results are marginal then the whole thing is a disaster for Tourism WA.

As a West Ozzie I hope the former.

Lick your wounds WA advertising. Be proactive and get cracking again.

Anonymous said:

Anyone know if 303 pitched out of Perth or Sydney? I don't think we can really talk about accounts leaving the state until we know how they positioned themselves to the client

Anonymous said:

Let's al spend our holiday bucks interstate. Vote with the wallet peoples.

Anonymous said:

Thanks for nothing from all of us who are trying to promote WA as a creative place.

Anonymous said:

WA Tourism are destined to learn the hard way why their chosen agency does so well at the Creative Planning awards but so badly at the Effies.

Anonymous said:

I wonder if Host will run with their own campaign, BMF's, 303's or an awkward ill-balanced combination of the three?

Anonymous said:

If the client applies Alan's 'wouldn't change a thing' philosophy then maybe Host will get to do something decent. Good luck!

Anonymous said:

Welcome to 'toytown'. the planets largest retirement village.
The states public servants are so far removed from reality its not funny.
Lets be honest with all the shit thats been going on at MF lately and with the decision they made they must be having a wee smile to themselves.
Please no replies suggesting were all in this together and its sad for the state.
So sorry 303.

PS pass my brief for my next Western Suburbs 10x2 Muzz Buzz ad

Anonymous said:

Do any E States accounts ever come West?

Anonymous said:

Is there any chance we can outsource our state tourism body to another State, some of them are way better at marketing their states. Lets be more daring and go overseas, I enjoy the NZ marketing and that of South Africa, perhaps they could lobby the State Government for the TWA gig - they are probably better qualified, credentialed and have won awards for their effective marketing????

I am not in adland, I am a marketer and I would have looked at what could be done here and what parts really needed the specialist expertise/creativity of the eastern states companies.

I was forced by another gov tourism body to use an interstate firm in Sydney and it was a bloody nightmare not to be able to regularly meet or just call up to get a quick meeting.

Also, the bankwest marketing is bloody awful from every perspective. With tourism in dire straits due to the GFC, we really need a steady hand at the helm and not over reliance on any ad agency having the magic bullet. The answer lies within the tourism industry itself - I am right in thinking its private sector? Maybe they should get off their backsides and put their dollars in - why do taxpayers have to fund the marketing of this sector??? Beats me.

Anonymous said:

The majority of these comments are so sad and so forlorn in terms of an indication as to where the local advertising industry is heading.

I can only hope that they are not being generated by the so called "Leaders" of the advertising and marketing industry in Western Australia - but are coming from the no-life losers who are not prepared to step up to a National - or God forbid International level of competition - in Western Australia.

In WA we have a world competitive mining industry, resource industry, engineering services industry, agricultural and horticultural industry, financial services industry, legal and accounting services industry (to name a few) which are all prepared to compete - and WIN - on an international playing field..... but our advertising industry wants State Border protection! Get over it and step up - and gold medals to Tourism WA for having the b....s to make a decision to buy the best they can source.

No-life Loser said:

You demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of the issues at play here. Take the emotion out of it for a minute and I think you'll see that there have been some good points made here. You are being disingenuous in suggesting that anyone in the industry is calling for protectionism. If you work in the industry you will be more than aware that accounts travel across borders all the time.

Only an ecomonc rationalist of the most extreme hue would argue against the suggest that any government body has a responsibility to purchase, where possible, goods or services from within their community - the community whose money it is. Only if these goods or services can not be purchased locally does the government have the moral right to source them elsewhere. This is the reason the PM is driven around in a Holden.

Now it would seem that the debate here would rest on whether or not a case can be made that the service could not be provided by a local supplier. As someone stated earlier in the thread, the case for this has not yet been made by TourismWA and we as tax payers have the right to demand that those responsible for this decision demonstrate to us the data that supports their actions. They would have to demonstrate that the net return to the state justifies the gamble that they are taking with our tax dollars. As someone who has been in the industry for many years I am yet to find any model that could predict this with a remote degree of accuracy, therefore we are being asked to back a gamble by government employees that would seem to have a very much larger downside than possible upside. All of this in a market that has several companies more than capable of delivering the service.

Having said all of that, there is something more important than the fiscal at stake here. The message that this sends to those that have been trying to build the local creative industries over the last 15 years or so is painful in the extreme - and that is the real shame of this decision.

Anonymous said:

Come on guys, this is advertising - this is all about having a jolly to Sydney!

East Coast Wanker said:

I've never considered WA as a tourism destination before. Too far away, why would I bother, got the whole east coast including qld, vic & nsw, easier, better.

In fact I've never seen any ads for WA tourism over here.

Maybe they'll actually put more money into your pockets than they're taking out.

Also, while the bankwest ads may suck to you guys, they're kicking it over here. New branches opening up all the time, more people switching and since the commbank merger they're doing great.

If you want to be the world class wankers you claim to be, do some world class work that's visible – not a scam ad for ikea sliding cupboards (brilliant idea btw) that only runs in rural press.

Anonymous said:

Did anyone see the full-page editorial "Where the bloody hell do you think you're going?" in the today's West?

Thought not.

Anonymous said:

10.54 A well supported argument.

Anonymous said:

Hey east coast wanker.

You've never seen ads for Tourism WA because they haven't had the budget to run them. Except occasionally on Foxtel. Everything is on a shoestring over here not like Queensland tourism that spend 5 times as much.

I'm glad the BankWest ads are kicking it over there because you are right - they do suck. Like most bank advertising they spend up big to become effective. Much like Harvey Norman. Tourism WA does not have that luxury.

I'm a great believer in Clients get the advertising they deserve. That's why BankWest sucks and that's what worries me about Tourism WA.

In terms of creative reputation, Host ranks a creditable 10th in CB's latest Hottest Agencies in Australia Creative Rankings. Perth agencies also do quite well - Marketforce ranks 11th and 303 16th. All three can hold their head up high.

As for ikea - The Perth store is reported as being one of the best performing stores in the ikea world. They have won Advertiser of the Year for the past two years. Sliding door was approved by the WA client. As was 'guerrilla garbage'. Both won international awards this year. Ikea's TV work won at AWARD last year. I think WA wins that argument as you can't say the same for any of Host's work on ikea over in Sydney (don't take that as criticism of Host - more a pat on the back for WA).

Annoyed said:

Hey 10.50.
"Clients get the advertising they deserve!"
So do ad agencies get the flick if they are incompetant fools and spend too much time counting their money and cruising on their private luxury boats.
Enough of the sour grapes and personal attacks on a person who believes our tourism advertising could be done better, no matter where the agency is located.
How foolish to also think that one person has the power in such a large goverment agency to instigate such a change without massive input. The collective thoughts of the government agency and in particular the industry resulted in this change. Some people are just brave enough to initiate it. And be assured Tourism WA would have wanted a Perth based agency to have stepped up, but they didn't. And I am led to believe that was the opinion of all involved in the selection process, unanimously!

10.50 said:

Dear Annoyed

Tourism WA knew this was going to be a contentious appointment - you only have to read the PR release to see that!

You are obviously very close to the pitch and as such please be reassured my previous comment was not a personal attack on any one person. Just as I am assuming your comments aren't personal attacks on the boat owners of Marketforce or the people at 303 who couldn't step up.

I was simply addressing points raised by 'east coast wanker'. Rather fairly I thought.

Anonymous said:

Clients don't care about creative awards. They're just for the agency and creative egos. No, clients care much more about effectiveness awards like the effies which is why Tourism went with Host.

Anonymous said:


'Collective thoughts of a government agency.'
Yes, I bet half of them had to be recalled from long service leave - every 2 years isn't it?
If I was a collective member of this particular agency I would be thinking that after the dust has settled, then nobody except a few hard liners will give a toss.
On with the show!

Anonymous said:

Have Marketforce owners still got boats? Bugger me I thought they might be gone by now and a couple more people might have kept their jobs!

Anonymous said:

Hey East Coast Wanker.

The BankWest ads suck over east as well.

Anonymous said:

Tourism Noosa is up for tender - here's your chance WA!!

Anonymous said:

"And be assured Tourism WA would have wanted a Perth based agency to have stepped up, but they didn't. And I am led to believe that was the opinion of all involved in the selection process, unanimously!"

Hey 303, didn't they tell you that you came a close second??

Sophie Lee said:

Starstruck a little are we, WA Tourism?

Anonymous said:

It will be interesting to see how much of Tourism WA work is done by Glue Society, or were they part of the package?

Anonymous said:

"The latest APRA statistics on deposits are proof that a price-competitive product offering is no guarantee of market share, with BankWest losing another $219 million (1.5 per cent) in February, on the back of its $163 million outflow in January."

Let's hope the Tourism ads work better...

Anonymous said:

All aboard Tinning's dingy!

Anonymous said:

Good to see Tourism WA take a gamble...should we use stock footage from 1863 or from 1906? Good luck Host.

Pauline Hanson said:

4.10 - Please explain!

I would like to understand the dingy thing?

East Coast Wanker said:

10:50 you raised some very fair points in a rational, beautiful way and I agree with you. I might start reading this blog from now because the comments are so much more intelligent than our little bitch fest.

I understand they don't have budgets and from what I've seen of Marketforce, I'd give my left nut to work under Andrew. Brilliant work and obviously would have had more media exposure if the clients had the cash. We suffer the same problem here, the better the idea, the more keen we are for them to buy it, the less money they throw at it.

Believe me, I'm launching an international product in Australia. 3 TV / 20 Press / everything else and our internal budget, including production is 50k. No adapts, all from scratch. It's a tough, shitty market even in Sydney.

But to me, all jealousy aside, it seems (as was my point) Tourism WA's brief was to get other states to visit WA and maybe that's why they opted for another state to work on it. (BTW I'm not fortunate enough to work for Host).

Without being patronising, imagine if WA was South Africa. South African tourism would probably appoint an Australian agency to encourage Australians to visit South Africa. Canada does it in Sydney, albeit every full stop has to have the approval of the full Canadian Cabinet, the Canadian Prime Minister's Wife and the Tea Lady from their east wing of Parliament House.

It can take minutes for them to get back to us.

I know you guys are hurting, and your work (that I've seen over east) makes me want to drop my pants and move to the other side of the country to work there. Truly world class.

But, it doesn't seem an illogical decision to get an East Coast agency to market to (hopefully) East Coast customers, convincing them to travel that little bit further to spend their hard earned cash.

And thank you for such a considered response, no wonder your ads beat ours hands down. Refreshing to find a civil, intelligent debate on this thing.

Excuse my grammar, it's late over this way :o)

Anonymous said:

What do you expect agency folk, you send all your production to Sydney... clients are just following your lead!

Victorian said:

Clearly WA has finally realised that WA has moved to the East coast, cos only great things happen on the East Coast. Really looking forward to spotting VIC tourist destinations in the WA ads. :)

Anonymous said:

According to TRA survey stats, total WA visitor numbers for year ending March 31st were: 2008 - 6,332,000; 2009 - 5,570,000. Given the potential negative impact of the GFC on discretionary spending and the potential positive impact of the subsequent resurgence of staycationing will more or less cancel each other out, should we be expecting a complete turnaround, no movement or a slowing of the decline as sign of the new campaign's effectiveness - especially given the substantial additional funding tourism marketing received at the expense of other sectors in this year's state budget?

Anonymous said:

Well done Mark Braddock for having the guts to stand up for WA taxpayers in the press. ( and good on WA Business News for covering the story in some detail.

Anonymous said:

2.14pm. I just checked this year's EFFIES finalists and 303 have twice as many as Host. So that's another theory we can consign to history

No-life Loser said:

Well said 758. Add to this the fees that will be leaving the state (ie the amount the state will be starting in arrears before it starts anything because of the move east). Surely TWA can publish its measures of success. I would love to see the economic modelling of this. Surely this must have been done by the specialist committees that, according to the press releases, have been set up to consider this issue.

Sorry but the press release reads like it is from someone who protests their process a little too much without providing one speck of data to support their argument.

Anonymous said:

I am not from WA, nor do I live there. However, I do understand the comments above.

We would all be furious if Tourism Australia moved their account to Colenso BBDO...

Anonymous said:

The highly regarded TRA stat series is a good benchmark of visitor numbers but TWA don't always agree with the figures. This is what they said the last time a poor set of numbers was thrown up by the survey:

"Tourism WA marketing executive director Stephanie Buckland said she viewed the figures with caution.
"We were pretty surprised when we saw those figures," she said.
"They don't match up with the census data we've got available to us, and (the TRA research) is just a survey."


I guess we'll just have to rely on TWA to tell us if the move east was a good one

Anonymous said:

9:00pm Obviously nobody gives an EFFIES...

Anonymous said:

8:56 Good old Mark never one to miss a marketing opportunity. LOL
Good on him for that.
PS I'm sure he cares as the rest of us do.

Anonymous said:

And fair play to Jeremy C for his comment on the WA Business News story.

Anonymous said:

This is jeremy C's last paragraph.

I'm sure HOST are a great agency - but reading the Business News editorial - this race was clearly won before it started and peoples time and resources (in the other agencies) have been abused and wasted by a government agency.

I think we would all agree that government agencies have turned 'wasting money' into a national pastime.

Anonymous said:

C'mon you guys. Host are going to do some brilliant work on this account. TourismWA will then strip the shit out of it and make it wallpaper. As they always do.

Anonymous said:

So this topic has run out of legs already? Nothing since 1.46. You guys in the West give up easy. No wonder Host stole your baby!!

Anonymous said:

As disappointed as i am to see this account head East, the decision has been made and there's not much we can do about it. So I hope Host does an awesome job and brings a lot more people to the state as there are a lot more people in the hospitality and tourism industry who could lose their jobs than in the ad and production industry. Then, I hope the account comes back to where it belongs after the 3 or 5 year period.

Anonymous said:

Nothing like that 8.34. There are a lot of angry and upset people here. But what can you do? We have simply run out of words and are very frustrated with this extremely disappointing government we have voted in. We can't go public as you never know what can happen in this small market, but these two postings on the Australia blog sum up my feelings today:

Look, a brand manager who buys that bank west shite isn't going to do anything too clever on WA tourism, so don't worry 303, you're probably better off without it.


When you see the brief to the agencies; resources etc. and you add the relationship history, it's not unreasonable for the WA industry to be suspicious.

Anonymous said:

Now now.

Anonymous said:

Bear in mind that of the WA agencies who are capable of putting up a good fight in a big pitch, two them (Brand and Marketforce) refused to pitch. I'm not sure that says anything about the tender process or the client, but it sure as hell reduced the odds of keeping the account in WA.

Anonymous said:

It appears that you all think that:

1. Host are going to be given briefs that will produce something mediocre

2. That the resources available to Host are going to accentuate this fact.

If I were Ms Buckland I would be busting my nuts to make this work. To show you all that this decision was correct. In her own world if she pull this off she will walk into her next job.
Is this not a great incentive for both parties.

Anonymous said:

"The [2009] Budget also provides additional funding of $5.7million in 2009-10 for tourism marketing to ensure WA remains highly competitive as a tourist destination. This initiative will help to protect jobs with the tourism industry employing nearly 80,000 people across the State."
If they fail to boost numbers with this much additional funding taken directly from the pockets of the poor, the old, the sick and the needy of WA by the Treasurer, you can be certain it will not just be the bigwigs at Tourism that have difficult questions to answer.

Beach said:

To the imbocile who blogged on the 24th at 3.24pm. You are obviously a low ranking dipshit who wouldnt know a brand stategy if it hit you in the face. The "brand manager" you are writing about is responding to an industry that has demanded something better and she facilitated a selection process that has is so tansparent and above reproach. Get back in your box and stop the personal assassination.

Anonymous said:

C'mon people, let's try and crack the ton on this one!

Anonymous said:

You've got about as much hope as Hussey cracking a ton in the UK at the moment 1:31.

But i'm happy to do my bit.

Anonymous said:

1.31 Most people on the blog are currently holidaying in other states in a silent protest

Anonymous said:

Imagine if a Sydney client appointed a Perth shop to run their business.

Do you honestly think their local industry would be in an uproar?

Or care?

So what if this is a government account? Tax dollars? Oh, West Australia is its own country now. Right, whatever.

Marketforce said no, perhaps wisely, Brand too? 303 used their Sydney card.

Who was left?

Money. That's the only negative here. Some W.A. agency missing out. So bloody what? This is an industry not a charity.

As for jobs, Marketforce 'decided' not to contest. Fair enough.

And as for those lame comments about Eastern State clients not coming to the West, is it any bloody wonder? Hell, read the 'poor us' comments.

Time to toughen up, get over it, grow up, realise we are part of something bigger. There is some great talent and potential in Perth. Time to showcase it.

Go knock on some Sydney, Melbourne and Wherever doors.

For our long term survival perhaps it's time to make the West creatively relevant to Australia. Stop all this isolationist crap. Kind of cringe worthy that Perth still needs to be pampered with their own edition of Campaign Brief. (No matter how good it is.)

Campaign Brief Melbourne? Adelaide? Brisbane? Ridiculous.

Maybe Perth agencies should band together, pick a theme, creatively respond and exhibit the work in Sydney and Melbourne. Invite clients. Showcase talent and press the flesh. Kim and Lynchy might even get behind such an effort.

Oh and if we need any help in finding a great restaurant for later, simple.

All we need to do is contact West Australia Tourism.

Anonymous said:

It's been mentioned here several times that the Brand along with MF decided not to participate in the pitch. I had heard that they had a crack at it under the Singo's banner but were victims of the first round cull. Can somebody clarify?

Anonymous said:

If Victorian Tourism appointed Marketforce Perth to their account you can bet your bottom dollar the Victorian ad industry would be up in arms!

Junk Waffle 2000 said:

Just thought I'd help this thing crack the tonne.

Here's my slogan:

WA: The Perfect Host

Anonymous said:

Wank Juffle - Nice work we're on a roll.

The Hostest with the Mostest.

Pathetic...still, all adds to the numbers.

PS 6.51 - you're right about Victoria.

5.19. Genuine question - Can you tell me the last time a Perth judge was invited to the MADC.

Jeremy said:

West Aussie Whingers

The pathetic back stabbing comments goes to show that WA Tourism were right. The subsequent slanderous comments from a bunch of small minded morons proves that the local boys are clearly not up to the task.

deano said:

1. Host's Bankwest ads work. When will you silly billy's remember that ads are aimed at the consumer and not us, the industry?
2. Sorry to hear the battery went flat - ship happens, ask any sailor. Good work by the RAC! Hey Craig, have you got the brief yet?
3. Do some good work and the good work will come.
4. Whilst your whingeing, plotting, lunching and self-congratulating, BBAM will earn the accounts you're crying over - forget the wise people from the east...BBAM is on a roll; we've changed our office water this space!
5. Is there a CB betting account where we can get odds on which agencies will be on the awards list at next year's OASIS? Any long money on BBAM. Any takers? I'll give you $300 if BBAM does not have at least one recognised industry award within 12 months. What are the odds against? And please, put your money where your comment is!
6. Yes, i know this has nothing to do with this blog, but jeez, enuf already about tourism and host. Stop crying. It'll be back. Just get on with it
7. Happy Birthday 303 and well done - that's how WA can do it!
8. BBAM NEWS: Steel Blue heading for a record sales month/Outdoor World exciting TVC relaunch April 18/Solar Harness....never heard of them? You will/Ashley&Martin grow from strength to strength/Better Pets another store soon?/Belly's handicap is golf and Boothy's mailbu is never dry.

Anonymous said:


Your appalling Steel Blue spot (some of the worst green-screen I've seen), won't be winning any creative or technical awards that's for sure.

Bugger the water. What cool-aid are you on?

Hamsey said:

Deano. First up congratulations on being one of the few with the balls to use your real name... Agree with your sentiments, I worked with BBAM years ago, you might not be the most creative shop around (nor do you profess to be), but you've been quietly ticking along, winning accounts and producing work that works for your clients - and in the process everyones kept their job... Obviously some of the creatives above have not been around long enough to realise you can't eat a trophy....

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