Initiative Media Week in Review: May 16 - 22

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Top 5 Prime Time Programmes - People 18-39
1. Wednesday 1930-2030   Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    15.2
2. Sunday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia - Challenge    NEW-10    14.5
3  Sunday    2040-2140    Underbelly - The Golden Mile    STW-9    13.6
4. Monday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    12.9
5. Thursday    1930-2000    Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    12.4

Top 5 Prime Time Programmes People 25-39
1. Wednesday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    18.1
2. Sunday    2040-2140    Underbelly - The Golden Mile    STW-9    17.5
3. Sunday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia - Challenge    NEW-10    17.0
4  Monday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    15.0
5. Thursday    1930-2000    Masterchef Australia     NEW-10    13.9
Top 5 Prime Time Programmes People 25-54
1. Wednesday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    16.7
2. Sunday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia - Challenge    NEW-10    16.6
3. Monday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    16.2
4  Thursday    1930-2000    Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    15.1
5  Sunday    2040-2140    Underbelly - The Golden Mile    STW-9    14.0

Top 5 Prime Time Programmes People 35-54
1. Monday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    17.4
2. Sunday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia - Challenge    NEW-10    17.0
3. Thursday    1930-2000    Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    16.4
4.  Wednesday    1930-2030    Masterchef Australia    NEW-10    16.2
5.  Sunday    1800-1830    News    TVW-7    16.1

TVW-7 won the week overall (0600-2400) for Total People with a commercial share of 39.4%, followed by NEW-10 with 32.9% and STW-9 with 27.7%.

TVW-7's top performing programme for Total People was Sunday News, reaching an average 264,000 viewers. Other top programmes included News, Today Tonight, Sunday Night, Australia's Got Talent and The Force - Behind the Line. Seven's Desperate Housewives continues to rate well making the top twelve for People 18-39 and People 25-39. Although losing 5,000 viewers from last week, Bones is still rating well with People 25-54. The Seven Network would be disappointed with the ratings delivered by the double episode of The Pacific, particularly given the pre promotion they ran.  It reached just under one million viewers nationally and locally it did not make the top fifty.

STW-9's top performing programmes for Total People were Two and Half Men, Underbelly: The Golden Mile, Send in The Dogs and Two and Half Men RPT.  Underbelly: The Golden Mile made the top five for all our demographics except People 35-54 where it came eleventh. Two and Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and Send in the Dogs all made the top fifteen for People 18-39.

Sunday's Masterchef - Challenge was NEW-10's top programme taking third position and reaching 227,000 viewers. Masterchef on Wednesday took fourth position with an average audience of 226,000, followed by Monday episode (6th) with 212,000 viewers. Other Ten programmes to make the top fifteen for Total People were Modern Family and NCIS. The debut episode of the new series Modern Family rated very well making the top ten against all our demographics. Nationally, the programme took the top spot on Tuesday night averaging an audience of 1.5 million.

Ten News at Five dominated the daytime segment securing the top five positions.

The Seven Network will be launching two new game shows along with The X-Factor - dates to be announced. One of the game shows is a celebrity game show called "Beat the Star" with Daniel MacPherson hosting and the other is "Minute To Win It" with MTV's Darren McMullen the host.

SURVEY 3, 2010
This survey covered the period from April 18 to May 15, 2010.
The Zone 1 commercial share results for Total People were as follows:

                      Perth        Adelaide    Brisbane    Sydney     Melbourne
7 Network        39.3%          37.8%       34.6%      33.3%         34.3%   
9 Network        30.4%          31.1%       37.8%      38.7%         35.6%
10 Network        30.2%          31.1%       27.6%      28.0%         30.1%

The overall (0600-2400) commercial share results for Total People were as follows:

                       Perth        Adelaide    Brisbane    Sydney     Melbourne
7 Network        39.4%          38.2%       36.2%      34.0%         35.0%   
9 Network        28.6%          30.3%       36.8%      39.0%         35.8%
10 Network        31.9%          31.4%       27.1%      27.0%         29.2%

DAB+ digital radio launched in the metropolitan capital cities in mid 2009, and the total number of stations on DAB+ now exceeds 65. Now, almost a year after launching Commercial Radio Australia has produced the Digital radio Industry Report 2010 (in association with GfK, Nielsen and Hoop).

Key findings of the report were:
  • Digital radio listening represents 1.6% of all radio listening.
  • The biggest group of digital radio listeners are 10-17 year olds.
  • Most people listen to digital radio in their home (69%).
  • A small percentage (9%) of people listen in their car through plug in adaptors as no car manufacturer has started fitting DAB+ radio.
  • Newly created digital stations account for 20% of total listening on the DAB+ platform.
  • 63% of Australians are aware that digital radio has launched.
  • 40% of people in metropolitan areas are likely to purchase a DAB+ radio in the next twelve months with the main reason for buying improved sound quality.
The popular duo are going on another road trip - this time to Great Britain and Ireland. Austereo's Today Network has launched digital station Caravan of Courage Radio - a dedicated digital radio station - to follow them on their trip. Caravan Courage Radio is live and will air until June 11. It will run 24 hours, and feature a mixture of snippets from Hamish & Andy's previous trips, music - and as of May 31 Hamish & Andy will broadcast from Europe. There will also be a one hour special on the Ten Network in mid-June.

Fairfax Magazines sports and fashion magazine Sport & Style is going to launch a paid ($3.49 for download) for app for the iPad on May 28.It will offer interactive content and features that aim to take advantage of the iPad's capabilities.  Initiative's client Hyundai has signed up to sponsor the first edition and has incorporated interactive advertising features including 360-degree views and video.


Fairfax Digital has signed a content deal with the Ten Network which will enable users to access Ten news content via Fairfax websites. Fairfax production teams will also be able to cut and create their own stories using live raw footage from the newsroom or file footage the Network Ten archives.


Twitter has banned outside advertising in the stream of messages with the exception of their own Promoted Tweets advertising service. This allows companies and others to place 140-character-or-less messages known as "tweets" at the top of a page of search results.  Supposedly the main reason for the ban is to prevent ads from marring the "unique user experience".


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