O&M Perth reunion - Tuesday, August 24

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Did you ever work at O&M Perth? The legendary agency was started by Tony Vines in 1974, which came about when he sold his agency Marketing & Advertising Aids to FCB, which was then acquired by Ogilvy & Mather.


O&M_2.jpgTony Vines, Bill McKewan, Peter Joachim, Doug Watson, Stuart Mitchell, Mark Collis, Alan Hales, Alan Stobie, Alby Fong, Barry Robinson, Betty Irving (Pascoe), Brett McPherson, Brian Jones, Bruce Shorter, Caroline Masel, Carrick Robinson, Cherie Trewhella, Cindy Siano, Debbie Bowman, Dougald Knuckey, Elizabeth Greenwood, Francine Stewart, Gerry Eeringa, Gilly Frewer, Gordon Dawson, Grable, Angela Lenz, Guy Grant, Harvey Wachtel, Helen Boorshooft, Ian Bear, Ingrid Waltham, Jan Hough, Jane Livingston, Jo Carruthers, Josephine Zadnik, John Barnett, John Hopkins, Julian Donaldson, Karen Malcolm, Kay Schulda, Kerry Addison, Kerry Beach, Kim Newman, Lori Canalini, Lorna Barnett, Lyn Grisdale, Mandy Dickie, Margot Ger, Margot Watson, Michelle Donkersloot, Michael Robinson, Mike Calder, Nicky Stewart, Olive Mellowship, Paul Kestel, Pat Baird, Peter Clarke, Peter McAuliffe, Peter Nelson, Peter Renshaw, Rae Sweetman, Ray Stolz, Rob Speechley, Rod Moncrieff, Rodney Goerke, Roger McAuliffe, Ross La Cras, Sandra Thorne, Sherri McIver, Stephanie Blow, Steve Brown (centre), Sue Maloney, Susan Pursey, Terri Cordin, Terry Concanen (left), Tim Thorne, Tony Garrigan, Tony Thorne, Tranda Mallis, Vern Goff, Vince Castelli (right) and Yvonne Renshaw did.

If your name is here or if you have a name that should be here, please email oandmreunion@yahoo.com.au

We are planning a get together on Tuesday, August 24, 2010.

Dust off the old red braces, join us for a drink and share some memories about working at one of Perth's best agencies. 


Anonymous said:

Just O&M or does JMA O&M count?

Anonymous said:

Go carrick!

Gerry Eeringa said:

12:02 - It clearly says O&M Perth however I'm sure all JMA O&Mer's would be welcome as would Shorter-JMA O&Mers I'm sure...

Gerry Eeringa said:

Hey Carrick.. were you actually on the payroll at O&M or was it just a spot of work experience? Only joking son - look forward to seeing you.

Carrick Robinson said:

Hey Gez, I worked with you at O&M when you had a full head of hair and we supplied our press material on metal blocks mounted on wood!!! Looking forward to having a few Coronas with you.

Nigel Willey said:

What happened to Tony Vines and Bill McCune? I knew Tony was in London, and Bill back in Canada. I worked for AMA, and O&M Perth.
Without doubt the best agency.

I worked with John Morgan in Melbourne at Foys & Gibson, later Big W.

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