Austereo's $20,000 Radio Writers' cash prize goes to The Brand's Josh Edge and Rikki Burns

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Australian Advertising's largest cash prize award has been picked up by The Brand Agency creative team, Josh Edge and Rikki Burns. The duo won the top prize at the Austereo Radio Writers' Award when their Perth Zoo 'Find Your Animal - Slow Loris' was judged the best radio commercial of the past 12 months.

The $20,000 cash prize was handed out by Austereo's Perth Sales Director Martin Whittle (pictured above center with Edge and Burns) at a lunchtime presentation held on Friday at Frazers Restaurant in Kings Park. The winning spot was directed by Ralph Van Dijk from Eardrum and produced at Song Zu, Sydney.

Hear the winning commercial:
Perth Zoo Slow Loris.mp3

"Slow Loris" just edged out second placed commercial - HBF, via Meerkats. Production company of the year was presented to Soundbyte for producing the most number of finalists. Since the introduction of the cash prize to the competition Austereo has handed over a total of $340,000 to Perth creatives. See the complete list of finalists below.



Paul Coghlan said:

Well done Josh and Ricki!

Kim or Marty, where will i find a full list of the finalists?

Joanne Diaz said:

Congratulations Josh and Ricki!!

Anonymous said:

Nice one guys, there must be something in the water at Brand.

Anonymous said:

Great result. Big congrats guys.

Martin - i second Cogs' request. Can we see a list of all the finalists? Am wondering if we had anything in contention.

Cheers, Ryan

Anonymous said:

Presumably they will share the cash with the other people who helped get the ad on air?

Anonymous said:


Why don't you drink a Brownes Chill, Man-Up, and ask them for some $ to their face.


Someone who didn't win said:

I’d like to thank Austereo for continuing this fantastic prize and for putting on a great lunch. We might seem like a bunch of ungrateful bastards, but some of us are extremely appreciative. Cheers.

5.42, this is not the place for comments like that.

Simon said:

Nice work Josh & Ricki! Congrats! Simon te B.

...and @11:11am - PS...that was quite funny.

Anonymous said:

Des is getting around a bit inne? Nice to see his work still popping up around town. Has he settled anywhere?

boozy said:

aww congrats josh and rikki. you guys rock.

james wills - that beard is epic.

Anonymous said:

No 303 or Gatecrasher finalists at all this year? Those guys need to up their game a bit

Angry Anonymous said:

2:47, it’s got nothing to do with ‘upping your game’ mate. I’m not from either agency but I know how hard it is to even get a brief that isn’t a fucking ‘live read’ – let alone be for a client willing to do something interesting and THEN want to put it on the right radio station.

You have to view comps like this as a lottery. Like most award shows.

But I’m looking forward to your speech from stage next Friday night. As I assume your ‘game’ is fully ‘upped’?

Anonymous said:

Come off it. The Austereo competition is not only the most generous in Australia, it is potentially the easiest in which to get something up. Just get it on the right station and your local-based peers will do the rest at monthly judging - instantly understanding all your in-jokes and appreciating your judicious use of local talent. If you want to oil the wheels further you can even flag your ad to Austereo before judging so it gets put forward. Hardly a tough nut to crack.

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