BBAM drafts Buckley for national vitamin launch

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Vita-D_NickyBuckley_B.jpgBell Booth Advertising & Marketing has enlisted TV personality Nicky Buckley to front a national launch for new client Petrus Pharmaceuticals.

The campaign is for Vita-D, a high potency Vitamin D supplement made by Petrus. Vitamin-D is essential for healthy bones, with women over 45 years being the most susceptible to osteoporotic bone fractures.

Petrus went to BBAM when looking for ideas to launch their product nationally. A "category-breaking" 30-second television commercial (with 2 x 15 second cut-downs) was produced, along with press ads and in-store point-of-sale for pharmacies.

VitaD_FPpress.jpgBBAM Managing Director,  Andy Bell, said Buckley was the perfect face to launch Vita-D.

"Our research showed that Nicky is widely recognised and trusted by our target audience and I'm very happy with the end result. Her performance on the day was perfect. In fact a big thank you to Belinda and the team at Solid Films for a fantastic shoot which went like clockwork".




Vita-D is just one of the products in the Petrus range, and BBAM has already commenced work on a campaign for CAL600+D, a calcium supplement. The Petrus Pharmaceuticals account win follows BBAM's successful pitch for Port Bouvard Ltd earlier in the year. The agency recently relaunched Port Bouvard's Oceanique Luxury Apartments and is starting work on the new Point Grey land development, a fifteen-year development project.


Anonymous said:

a "category-breaking" Osteoporosis commercial? Cracking press release guys

Anonymous said:

Is this an advert for botox, or cold living rooms?

Anonymous said:

'Cracking' press release?

I see what you did there....

Anonymous said:

I hope the product is more natural than Nicky's performance.

Anonymous said:

Are you serious guys? I think the recruit is the only story here, because the rest is not work of a creative.....

Anonymous said:

My agency specialises in health and medicine, and I've tried many times to get scripts past the TGA and the ASMI (look at their advertising codes/regulations - it's an absolute nightmare and very restrictive). They usually don't accept anything but a talking head, and only then after they have added heaps of disclaimers to the voice over. Well done for even getting a concept up. To visually demonstrate the effects of osteoporosis without violating the strict TGA guidelines is very clever indeed. You are quite correct in describing this as 'category-breaking". Well done to the agency - this communicates the message simply and powerfully. Strong press idea too. Excellent CGI - who did it?

Anonymous said:

Of course it couldn't be creative - there are no light bulbs for heads or whatever else you think is needed to be "creative"- appears to be a well written, well filmed piece - good luck to them - will probably do a lot more for their business than some other pretentious "creative" that doesn't help sell anything

Anonymous said:

If you don't like your creative getting belted then don't put it on this blog. Simple.

But this thread has gotten sad with 1.10pm's post. If I've ever seen a lifeboat thrown to a piece of work because the client might come across it, this is it.

It's not great work but neither is it bad. It suits its category and is about as effective as my retired grandmother.

It shouldn't have been posted on what is essentially a creative blog - it was always going to be bashed.

And 1.19 - are you in the right industry?

Anonymous said:

Boogie Monster did the CGI .

Anonymous said:

CGI? we're talking like this is fucking Minority Report 2!

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