Vultures remind motorists of the need for RAC

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The Brand Agency's latest offering for RAC Roadside Assistance is an eye-catching billboard on the Forrest Highway to Bunbury. Model makers CDM:Studio created the vultures.

vulture1.jpgClient: Danielle Olbromski, RAC Roadside Assistance.
Account Director: Keri Hall
Creative: Garry Horner, Craig Buchanan
Model maker: Daniel Browne
Planner: Paul Yole
Outdoor: Ooh mediaVulture2.jpg


1st said:

I like it.

2nd said:

That's awesome, i really like it and good on the client for buying it!

Chip Douglas said:

Buzzards/Vultures = awesome

Wile E Coyote said:

Kind of works for the whole Perth experience. I like it

bird brain said:

I like the thought but question the placement .There are thousands of cars that go down that highway every day and night of the week. So you're never really going to be stranded for that long. If it had been somewhere in the Nullarbor it would've been perfect. Still good though and awesome models.

Grant said:

Nice work guys!

Matt said:

Love it and by the way , i've broken down on that highway and no bugger stops to help you, believe me!

Robin said:

That's cool, well done.

Tom said:

Really great, simple outdoor. I liked the UFO but this is better.

Malcolm said:

Very nice, guys. I'm guessing the RAC has bought that site out for the next century?

EM said:

Great to see a 3D execution that isn't a plywood cut-out!
Extra effort for great effect.

DanB said:

Like. well done guys. good on the client for buying idea, then allowing budget to do it properly.

Raycee said:

They should do this at International Arrivals

Dav said:

Ha! Love it.

kayleigh said:

Oh sweet jesus those vultures scared the living hell out of me and my friend. It was getting dark and the 1st thing I asked was Oh my god do u have RAC? And I didnt even read the sign.. Weve been thinkin they were real and shivering all day so yea it works!!

Mayamac said:

Hahaha, OMGosh kayleigh, my daughter and I did the same thing. She was fixated on something for ages with this panicked look on her face and was trying to point while tapping on my shoulder. I was driving and it took me a while to work out what I was looking at. After I realised what they were, I actually screamed. That had us laughing and gasping for a good few minutes after. I didn't realise it was an RAC ad until we returned to Perth but it was definitely effective. Had to Google it when we returned. Knew we weren't the only ones :)

Sue said:

OMG!! I now have one of those vultures in my games room!! He is gorgeous :)))

Sue said:

You have no idea how detailed those vultures are up close...they are great works of art

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