Nova kicks off the Christmas season with their huge balcony party featuring Eskimo Joe

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NOVA_P1040112.jpgOne of the Christmas season's hottest tickets is an invite to the Nova party on the balcony of their Subiaco offices. Around 400 people dropped in throughout yesterday afternoon and were entertained in typical Nova style by none other than Eskimo Joe.

Great party.





Emma Barrassing said:

Top party Noves. The E-Jo's were on fire.
But why do you spoil it with all those old people there. Really spoiled the look of the event. Noves is a young crew station. There were some people who would of easily been in their late 40's and even in their 50's. Shouldn't they be at the 94.5 party? All that dyed hair and those 'summery' outfits. OMG! They looked out of place. Next year split the party. Old and young. Those oldies dancing to the E-Joe's was embarrassing.

Mo Rash said:

Lots of fun. Still wondering how I got home. Who was the guy with the mo? I have a mo rash. And where is my mobile? Oh dear.

Gen Y said:

Nova is for 18-39's. Why were most of the people there over 40?

Agree with Emma said:

You're right Emma. I had two old guys staring at me all afternoon and then one came up and asked me the name of the band. WTF? He then tried to impress me by telling me he knew the drummer from Slim Jim and the Fats band???? LOL.

PT said:

Sooooo good. Thanks Noves.

Wattsie and Martin? said:

Who is Wattsie and Martin? Some guy (PR) was comparing Nathan and Nat to these guys all afternoon at the Nova party.

Do they know its christmas... said:

The trollers are out. LOL.

Great party Nova, to the trollers. It was a christmas party and those older faces you refer to could be your clients too. Try doing some great business and a awesome christmas party then you wont be so sore about not being there.

Troll on its christmas.

Nick B said:

Ah yes, the old "lock up all old people" line, relating to people who are (shock horror) over 40 or even 50! Some of us oldies even listen to Nova, and young people clearly have no mortgage over style or wisdom. So if you saw me in my 50 year old glory at Nova and were disgusted, please go @#*^ yourself.

Anonymous said:

Generation Y & X you have so much to learn - including manners!

Anonymous said:

So, 'Emma-Barrassing" let me get this right.
You were at a party where you consumed copious amounts of alcohol and food and took in a top band all for free, yet you think it's ok to tell those who gave you the freebie (and no doubt a few other freebies throughout the year) who they should or shouldn't invite.
How about you send Nova a public apology for being such a bimbo and then promise the rest of us you won't comment on CB ever again.

Young and not stupid said:

Wattsie and Martin???

I am 21 and even I know who Wattsie and Martin are. You must know nothing about Perth radio legends if you don't know how massive these guys killed Perth Radio in the day.

Little Miss.. said:

With regards to the comments above, if you had a great time leave it at that, there is no need to whinge because of the people who were invited. You should be thankful Nova even considered inviting you in the first place. Grow up...

CW said:

i can't believe i am reading such absolute sh*t about 'old people being at a party'! seriously. emma you are probably one of those 'young' half dressed females with a dress that is 2 sizes too small, heels you walk like a giraffe in, bad make up and one that makes a total fool of themself after 1 champagne. so i say, mind your manners.

and nova, great party! wish i could've stayed longer.

Embarrassed for Gen Y said:

Most of the people over 40 were likely there because they hired you. In some capacity. Good move.

Emma said:

Nick B - 50 GLORY??? I hope I don't see you at the next function you rude individual. Were you one of those old blokes staring at my tits all afternoon. ENJOY? And what I wear or how I wear it is none of yours or any of the commentators on this blogs business. We are the future. You are the past.

not old said:

I really hope that this emma troll isn't for real.

Can the culprit please reveal his hand and let us in on the joke, surely she must be just a borat style performance act in heels?

'We are the future. You are the past.' The structure of that sentence is a joke in itself.

Nick B said:

See, now you're just having a lend "Emma". I made no comment about what anyone was wearing or how they wear it, but you assumed that because I am 50 and male and you are, what, ten, I was staring at you. Take another look in the mirror love. And you have the temerity to call me rude? Where do I start????

smell a rat said:

Why do I get the feeling 'emma' is really one of those oldies with tongue firmly in cheek?

Another oldie... said:

Please tell us where you work. Love to know who hires such enlightened people.

I'm sure once the wider (and older) industry knows who you are, you'll be able to work out how much of future you really have in this industry...

What of the future? said:

Thanks Nova and to the 99 percent of classy revellers in what is one hell of a Party. Esky Joe's how good was that.
I did not see anyone starting at anybody anyways, just a great networking event with lots of industry heavy weights (and some light weights apparently) enjoying each others company. Great way to kick start the weekend.

Come on CB said:

You're editing some of my best work. The dyed hair stuff is funny.

Occupy Nova said:

We are the 99%

One of those 40 somethings said:

Hey Emma, I was one of those over 40 yo ladies and sorry to say love, but you young and dumb don't always get all the looks for the right reasons! Perhaps you were thinking they were looking at your boobs, but maybe they were wondering where your pants were.... I think it was a fabulous party Nova, well done. The Eski's were fantastic and the whole atmosphere was amazing. Good job.

I wax downstairs said:

I was there. I had a great time and I met some great people.

Stop whinging said:

Great party NOVA, despite those whinging gen Y's.
Get over yourselves whinge generation.
Fortunately advertising will always have plenty of oldies. We're the ones that employ you lot and give you the chance to "work" in a great industry.
When us oldies were the young ones at functions, we thought it was fantastic to mix it up with the oldies of the time and chat and learn something. We actually realised we didn't know everything and were grateful to be there.
You lot will never see a party like the ones back then anyway.

Not a bad idea though, keep all the "look at me" generation in one section and leave us oldies to our own devices.

Go and check your facebook page to see if anyone has responded to some mundane comment about what you are doing, where you are going, or what you just ate - who really gives a shit.

In the meantime, we'll continue to drive the industry so there are plenty of great functions for us all to enjoy.

Emma said:

For your information.
I work for one of the TOP 3.

And I was head hunted not merely hired!

Join the club said:

We are ALL headhunted these days Emma - it's the way WA is at the moment - try not to let it go to your head too much. Just enjoy the parties you go to, you're a big girl, if you don't like it, you can always leave.


Not old either said:

Dear CB Blog Mediator, please step in and end this disgrace of a debate. Unimportant drivel.

Whinging Y's said:

3.30. So true. Gen X and Y. They are a pain in the arse. As a baby boomer I remember the good old days before we had to deal with the lazy Gen X and Y's.

30-something stayer said:

1.08, I think you may be right :)

Emma 3.37, best parody of the stereotypical 'been in the industry 5 minutes and think it's all about me' advertising dimbo ever. That 'Top 3' comment is a crack up. You nailed it.

10.18, 12.44, 2.41 and 3.30, you guys rock this industry. Make no mistake. Looking forward to partying with you deep into the season!

I'm not Emma said:

I'd like to let everyone know that I am not Emma. I was a recent head hunt for our agency. Yes, I work for one of the TOP 3. And i was at the NOVA party. I've been emailed today from a few in our agency and I want everyone to know it is not me.

Party Party said:

As one of the 'oldies' I had a great time rocking out at the party.

Thanks Nova. said:

Great party guys. I even got an autograph from the band for my grandchildren. Thanks. See you next year.

Thanks Nova! said:

What an excellent party to kick off the silly season.
Thanks Nova! It was so much fun!

Wake up 4.46 said:

4.46? Unimportant drivel. Look mate. This is an issue. Ask around and you find it hard to get a favourable comment on the productivity of Gen X and Y's. They are so caught up in their Facebook-Tweeter world they don't get any real work down. It's a disaster for our industry.

Last drinks please said:

There is a trend in our industry at the moment and it's important that we all take action on this. Senior staff retain and build business. Gen X and Y lose clients.

NO VA said:

Great party guys. A few interesting comments here. I found the 'oldies' the most interesting people at the party.

Oldie but a goodie said:

Last drinks - well said

To all the whingers - don't go next time. Us oldies will have heaps more fun without you taking up prime position at the drinks bar and seeing how many you can scull in the 4 hour time allowance.

Industry functions are a PRIVILEGE and THANK YOU - not a right just because you happen to work in an advertising agency.

Not relevant said:

Who are the TOP 3 agencies that these bimbo heads keep going on about.
Emma we are going to out you ,,,,


Emma said:

For a start Not Relevant.
The TOP 3 are Marketforce, 303 and Brand.

Meerkats?? NO. They lost HBF.

I work for one of the real TOP 3.
Good luck.

Here's a hint. I'm in the background of one of the pics.
Thanks Kim for not printing my pic. Check your camera.
(Must of been too young and good looking for this blog.)

Johnny Drama said:

Not relevant - just a minor point.... Top 3 is Marketforce, 303, Brand

Feeling compelled to correct you said:

In the local vernacular, the BIG 3 are Marketforce, 303 and Brand.

The TOP 3 may be interpreted somewhat differently. Just sayin'.

Sorry Johnny said:

In this case you're both wrong.
Not relevant had it right the first time.


Senior Writer said:

Hey Emma.
I know who you are.

So busted.

Oldie but a goodie said:

I would say that in terms of top agencies at a media party - that would be media agencies - not creative agencies. Thank goodness Emma that you are not at a media agency - with your attitude, reps would be ignoring you completely.

Dean said:

My call is that Emma is Senior Writer and everyone else is Hook, Line & Sinker.

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