Bestads Top 6 of the week reviewed by Toby Talbot, executive CD, RKCR/Y&R London

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tv 21.jpgBEST TV
A mixed bag of Christmas nuts but a few good ones amongst the rank walnuts.
It could have something to do with the fact that I'm a bit of a mid century modern fan, but the Pacific Standard Time Art in LA spot with Ice Cube on Eames takes the honours this week. The idea of a famous South Central rapper extolling the virtues of LA architecture is in itself an interesting mash up. But then you learn through Ice Cube's own unique take on things that the Eames home is the ultimate mash up of nature and structure. Rap for the masses selling art for the masses. Charles and Ray would approve.
Just to prove that I'm not too artsy fartsy, a close second is a knob gag. And a good one at that. Cockburns 'Pronounce responsibly' is eminently campaignable. Do I detect the dulcet tones of one Neil Dawson in the end VO? I cunt be sure.
It would have got top marks in outdoor had it been there for me to judge. Instead an honorable mention to the Greenpeace viral. Very simple and timely after the huge scare we just had in NZ. Radiohead too. They do like a cause, don't they?
Print 21.jpgoutdoor 2 1.jpginteractive 21.jpgBEST PRINT
Turkey leftovers I'm afraid. The Oxfam America Unwrapped ad being the exception. Nice headline.

Cold Brussels sprouts mainly. In amongst the odd scammy zoo ad and the one off shock tactic poster from progressive vicars, I found the Christmas Spirit tree quite engaging. Although I can't help thinking most people who saw it, just went "aw, look at the pretty tree" and walked on. (There's the 'bah humbug' I was referring to earlier).

I'm a sucker for anything Skittles and '...the Rainbow' related. Although Gif Rap isn't a patch on the genius 'finger' Skittles movies I adored on You Tube, it's way better than those jokes you get in Christmas crackers. More damning with faint praise. Sorry about that.

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