Who is the Ad Person of 2011?

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AdPerson_11.jpgAs this year draws to a close, you might like to ponder who has had the most significant impact of the local advertising & media industry in 2011?

The Ad Person of the Year is one of our most prestigious Campaign Brief awards presented at the Oasis Ball. As the Honour Roll shows, the award has been won by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Campaign Brief has a few people in mind but some previous winners have also come from nominations we hadn't considered.

So, is there someone you think warrants consideration?

Nominating them is easy. Just send their name to martin@campaignbrief.com along with a sentence or two on why you think they're a contender.

Nominations close Tuesday, January 31, 2012.


Emma said:

My vote goes to Senior Writer.

BK said:

My vote goes to Emma from the Nova party.

... said:

Gavin Bain?
Al Taylor?
Rich Berney?


Bill said:

Give it to a woman. Danielle Norrish.

Unsung Heroine said:

Commitment, tenacity, leadership = Nita Davey

Bob said:

Danielle Norrish for sure!

Anonymous said:

12.26 - couldn't agree more with you - Nita Davey for sure. Her work and dedication to OASIS is awesome

Any mouse said:

Andrew Tinning has done heaps for the industry over the past 12 months

Lee Guy-Wallis said:

So many choices, but I am going the female vote... Yah for Nita

The real winner is.... said:

With all due respect, i think Al Taylor is a cut above the rest here. Look at the success of 303. Danielle a close second.... the rest please.. not even noteworthy.

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