Bedshed moves to Rare

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Bedshed_TV.jpgRare has picked up the national Bedshed account out of Gatecrasher after a three-way pitch late last year.

Bedshed's Sarah Freedman said the business was moving into a new era and she felt the time was right for a fresh set of eyes on it.

"It was extremely close between all three agencies but in every aspect Rare ticked the box well. Their pitch response was creative, different, engaging - it met the brief to a tee."

Freedman paid tribute to Gatecrasher, who she said had taken Bedshed a long way in their three-and-a-half years on the account.

The review did not include media, which remains with Karen Litis's Media Forte.

Rare's first new work is due to appear at the beginning of February.


Well done to Callum, Brett, Richard, Claire and the whole team at Rare. A great win for the gang and great start to 2012! Off and running!

Mr Retail said:

Who were the other pitchers?

Once Bitten said:

Did 303Lowe pitch?

I don't believe I said:

Who cares who pitched!
Good pick up. A good retailer is handy for any agency. Pays the bills etc.

Mr Retail said:

I would really like to know who else was involved.
Does anybody know?
Somebody at Rare perhaps?

Mrs retail said:

Rare, workhouse and trilogy

Missed out. said:

Why none of the top 3?

Mr Retail said:

10.12 - Where were you last night?

I've worked on Bedshed before. said:

G O O D L U C K !!!!!!!

They did pitch? said:

The 303 guys did pitch. Didn't make the shortlist.

FU said:

Can't wait to see this! This has got disaster written all over it.

simon lodge said:

congrats RARE... great way to kick off 2012.

Your mum said:

Lol the top 3...
Doesn't mean shit these days matey, and mid size businesses are cottoning on.
Smaller agencies are generally razor sharp with price, service and turnaround times.
I hear nothing but bad things from clients who aren't the size of an RAC or a uni.

Lol the top 3...

Love to know said:

As an aside comment.
What other bits of business are being decided over the next couple of months. Apologies to CB for making this comment part of this thread but not sure how else to ask the question, and in what forum.

Top 3er said:

Look 5.19. You are obviously a junior something working for one of these small shops. GROW UP. The TOP 3 in Perth are really killing it at the moment. The small agencies are just picking up the slops. The best work is coming out of the TOP 3. The best people are working at the TOP 3. The big clients are at the TOP 3. Enough said. Go off now and read some awards books.

Not from around here said:

Who are the Top 3?

Medium Rare said:

Exciting new work from Rare coming out in Feb.

'It's Bedshed's Summer Sizzler Sale."
All beds reduced 50%

Top Hemorrhoid Treatments said:

The Gatecrasher work was good. The little purple guy with no face. Nice work. Will they dump the little purple guy? Maybe if the little purple guy had a face GC would of retained the account. Rumour is the client wanted him to have some expressions but GC said no. When the line comes up. 'No one's better in the bedroom." The client wanted a surprised look on the little purple guy's face.

I hope Rare hang onto the little purple guy and give him a face. It just seemed so hard for the little purple guy to express the excitement of the new winter sale with just his arms. How do you get excited about half price single beds and free pillows without eyebrows? Lets wait and see what happens.

Totally Awesome says said:

Don't forget 8.34. The TOP 3 collect most, if not all, of the metal in town. Mid sized and all small agencies are a waste of office and shed space.

Boring comment said:

Well done Rare

Love it! said:

You've gotta love Friday arvos on the CB blog!

Well Done said:

Congrats Rare!

9.29am 303lowe, Brand and MF i think?

Hey not from here said:

TOP 3 in Perth are MF, Brand and Meerkats

Oh you said:

I laugh at all these little defenders of the big agencies lol.
If you are anything less than an owner or on the board you don't know how close you are to being turfed out on your ass every day...
You don't mean much at all to the agency. You are part of a business decision.
That means you Totally Awesome and Top 3er.

Totally ignorant said:

T.A ( that's totally awesome not, tits and ass although you sound like a bit of one).
If you really think that's the case you are totally deluded. In typical Perth fashion, things take a bit longer to happen but eventually they do. Outside the rabbit proof fence, it's the smaller , smarter, more nimble boutiques that are 'killing it.' And picking up the metal. Clients are over the bullshit and the inflated costs that accompany it. The smoke is fading and the mirrors are cracking! it'll happen here and in your blissful state of ignorance, you won't even see it coming.

Digby the BIggest Dog in the World said:

I guess Bedshed took a look at the top 3 and decided being fourth or fifth biggest client at the agency meant being serviced by the fourth of fifth best suit (the one that's been there for years but has never got past senior account exec level because they didn't quite cut it it) and having creative work produced by the fourth and fifth best creatives (the one's you seen at all the awards but who never actually get to go up to the stage). It's a smart move that will make them one of the top clients at the agency and ensure the account is given appropriate love and care.

The little white faceless guy said:

9.47am Im not purple you idiot. I'm white on purple background. The reason I don't have a face is because Lorry can't draw. Stef tried but I looked gay. So I was faceless in a world that thrives on facial expressions. Especially in the retail arena. I have always tried to do the best I can with my arms. I even tried moving my head rapidly when the call to action was read. But now it looks like I'm out of a job. If anyone needs a faceless, expressioess front man to appear in your aOds or possibly run your agency give me a call.

How do you like your steak asks said:

If the big idea from Rare is more of the same retail half price headlines then why change? GC did some great work. Some of the best in town. Please explain!

I did the animatics said:

The Trilogy pitch was impressive. Without giving too much away, a high profile overseas presenter was approached to front the campaign. Bad luck guys. I've put the ads on my reel. I can't wait to see what Rare has come up with.

TwoCents said:

They didn't like the bigger agencies, hence went for the modest mid-sizers...

Busy putting down other agencies work because your own job isn't so exciting? said:

How about you all get over it - and maybe go concentrate on your own business?
You could even spend your weekend ranking All the agencies in WA since you find it so interesting.

Why only three said:

Why is it only the top 3 in advertising, when in accounting its top 4 & law it's 6?
What's criteria does one need to meet to make the top 3?

Ah so much to learn

Deja vu said:

Lol Brett you must shake your head at this. Been here myself.
Who are these people and where do they come from???!!!
I thought we were all supposed to get along!

Mike Sheahan said:

I'm thinking of doing a TOP 50, but I'm struggling to fill out the top 5. Can anyone please help me out?

Helping Hand for Mike said:

TOP 5.

TOP3's TOP 5 are... said:


The TOP Five in Perth said:

I thought I would put in my vote.

Rare (Bedshed has bumped them up from 4th)
Lowe 303

The rest don't really matter.

Heard it on the grapevine said:

I heard at least one of the Top 3 weren't in the pitch because they turned down Bedshed's approach. I guess they were more interested in doing quality advertising - or perhaps they've heard the stories!

Why only 3 is back said:

At last, the TOP 5 is revealed.
Here are my thoughts everyone.

1. Marketforce
Solid agency. Solid creative. Long time leader in Perth.
2. Brand
Close second. Best creative in town. Solid management.
Creative lets them down. Problem retaining clients
4. Lowe303
Getting boring lately. Needs some new creative blood.
Retail powerhouse. Bedshed was a big win.

Guess what I did on the weekend? said:

Yes. I rated the top five agencies in Perth.
There was a tie for the number 2 position.

1. Marketforce.
2. Brand and Rare
3. Meerkats
4. Lowe303
5. Workhouse

We are a retail town said:

The TOP 3 agencies should be judged on how they perform in retail arena.
That's what most of work on in this town.
My TOP 3 is based on real work not that state government fluff that everyone seems to judge agencies on.

1. BRAND for Bunnings
2. RARE for picking up Bedshed
3. WORKHOUSE. The name says it all.

Gatecrasher were one of the top retail agencies but have slipped with Bedshed.
A real shame as the latest campaign was solid retail.

Get real guys. Yes, I work on a big retail client.

Mike Sheahan said:

Great work, Perth.

Any chance of helping me out with 5 - 10?

3.28 is incorrect said:


Brand is number one.
Has been for years.

Marketforce is old news. More like number 4.

No way is Rare number 5. Even with Bedshed. More like number 8.
What about Cooch or the White Agency?

mediaoutsidethebox said:

Good on rare for getting the bedshed account. That's bread and butter for media forte. nothing innovative from Bedshed in terms of media - just TV and Press....easy money!

Is this blog dead? said:

Rare a retail powerhouse? You're takin the piss aren't ya?

Congratulation Rare said:

At last, Rare is number 2 in Perth. After all the years in the top ten they are finally in the top 3. Agree with 3.28. A retail powerhouse. While other agencies are trying to win meaningless awards and do scammy creative stuff Rare has been heads doing great retail advertising. And it's paid off. Congrates guys.

Bedroom Eyes said:

Well done Rare. Great opportunity to do some great work. Let's show everyone that you can do great retail work and still continue to win lots of awards.

3.25 said:

Bedshed's approach was to sell more beds.

WTF? 7.04 said:

When has rare won anything????

Mat Tress said:

Talk about off the mark. The clear no.1 in this town is 303 by a country mile. They're the only big player who've done anything truly interesting or creative in recent times. Enjoy the ride and their digital work for ECU is evidence of that. With the backing now of Lowe and the resources that brings to the table, these guys will smash it this year and the gulf between them and the rest will rival the one that MF used to enjoy s few years back. Speaking of MF they'd currently struggle to make any top five. They've done nothing of note apart from that railways spot for the past year. And that latest kick campaign has booted them way down the ranks. Their focus is obviously not on the work but on making enough money to keep the BBDO beast from the door. The pressure must be enormous as the big wigs in NY must be watching very closey as would be Robert Morgan and co in Sydney. What they do with HBF will be the tipping point for their reputation locally. Brand would definitely fill the no.2 spot , their work is consistantly good and Garry Horner has added some real polish since he's been here. Meerkats for me are easy 3rd placers. They didn't lose HBF through any fault of their own and they remain interesting and more capable than most of doing something special. New Lotto work must surely be just around the corner, if they get that right then they'll silence their critics. Workhouse comes in at 4 -these guys are the sleeping giant. They make no excuses for who and what they are. They dont blow their own trumpet,they just get on with it and make more ads and more money than most in this town. They're proof That you dont have to be pretty to be one of the best (just ask Merryl Streep). And in 5th...just... Marketforce, but only time will tell.

Are you feeling OK Mat? said:

Obviously you have some time on your hands. You could be more wrong. 303??? Get real buddy. One campaign does not maketh an agency my friend. BRAND by two country miles. 303 after MF.

Andrew tinning said:

Congrats Brett and Richard that's a great win and start to the year. As for the rest of it, the only position worth worrying about is your disposition!

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