Award-winning graduates Henry & Aaron star in Central Institute Of Technology's latest campaign

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Award-winning Western Australian filmmakers and Central Institute of Technology (CIT) graduates Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann have gone back to where it all began to produce It's A Snap, a comedy digital short about 'learning in the city'.

Head of Marketing at CIT, Kenley Gordon, gave the boys free reign to do whatever they liked, so long as it promoted learning in the city. The result is certainly not your average tertiary education commercial and definitely not for the squeamish.

"Free reign isn't supposed to mean dismembered limbs! If there's a next time, I'll stay on set till the final scene wraps," said Gordon.

Written, directed by and starring Inglis and McCann, the two-minute short features Henry & Aaron's unique brand of insanity which shares some of Tim and Eric's sense of the bizarre.

Inglis and McCann met whilst studying Film & Television at CIT in 2002 and since graduating have seen their filmmaker careers blossom, culminating in winning the inaugural Movie Extra Webfest in January 2011. The duo beat over 100 entrants from across Australia to take out the $50,000 prize to write, produce and star in their own 7-part comedy series.

The series Henry & Aaron's 7 Steps to Superstardom debuted on YouTube in June 2011 and on Foxtel in December 2011. To date, the series has achieved over 117,000 YouTube hits and counting.

It's A Snap for CIT can be seen at (Not suitable for children).


Overwhelmed said:


Helen said:

HAHAHAAH!!!!! That's great =]

Good job guys! and CIT

kegs said:

saw it love it. these two quirky characters are the best comedy to come out of Perth since ........? rove?

Alex said:

Love it! good work

Lexasaurus Rex said:

Congrats fellas.
You just seem to be everywhere at the moment! Keep the momentum going!!!

Amazing said:

This is fantastic. These guys need to be doing more adverts for TV in WA. A production company better snap them up quick. No pun intended.

Allen Smith said:

lol. That was absolutely brilliant. Well done guys!

Too much snapping said:

Freaking brilliant. The kids will love it.

Nodding said:

In agreement fellow posters. Nice work young chaps!

Jackson said:

Where did these guys come from? We can't Perth make more ad's like this. I know they will not be played on mainstream TV, but the Internet is one of the biggest markets for advertising to a target audience nowadays. These guys touched upon it, and well done to the clients too, CIT, for being brave enough to let the filmmakers run with the concept and come up with a killer advert. 24,000 hits in under 3 days. Well Done Boys!

Wow said:

up to 910,392 views on Sunday night.

Not Curtin said:

It's amazing what clients can get if they take self-important agencies out of the equation.

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