Meerkats and Trilogy combine to pull the Peet land business out of The Brand Agency

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A unique double agency pitch between Meerkats and Trilogy has proven successful in picking up the large $5 to $6 million (CB estimate) Peet account out of The Brand Agency.

Peet currently acts as project manager and marketing agent for 70 owned, syndicated and joint venture land developments in Australia - from beachside and lakeside residential communities to urban renewal projects.

Meerkats was invited to pitch for the Peet business and their response to the pitch brief was to offer a dual agency solution where Meerkats acts as the Brand & Creative Lead and Trilogy acts as the specialist production agency on the volume output component of Peet.

The contract is with Meerkats with a Heads of Agreement with Trilogy in place. It covers the Corporate Brand nationally and the WA Estates.


Mr Miyagi said:

Sharing is caring. Look forward to more of this in Perth.

Ms Seiko said:

Bravo! An interesting & bold move to break the mould. Hope it all works out well for all three parties. Poor Brand mustn't be feeling the love right now??

Nemesis said:

Hopefully they will now produce some award-winning work at the PADCs

KD said:

Where's the media?

Curious said:

Where's the digital?

Ouch said:

Oh for Peets sake! Big blow for Brand and Steve's ego. I think I'll bid less for the painting now. Big win for Meerkats and Trilogy.

Arthur Atkinson said:

Where's me washboard?

mr miyagi said:

Where's my noodles?

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