Andrew Tinning's chook to raise much needed funds in the Oasis Ball Creative Art Challenge

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A_Tinning Art Challenge.jpgThe next Managing Director to be immortalized on canvas (or in this case, wooden shed bits) for the Oasis Ball Creative Art Challenge is none other than The Shed's top woman - Madame Chook.

Unlike our lady PM, this chick doesn't have egg all over her face. She's eggsactly what a top woman should be! Although she's a little reclusive, she's very eggcited at the thought of her painting hanging in someone's living room. Her likeness has been skillfully captured by none other than Andrew Tinning from The Shed and is sure to cause some fierce bidding at Oasis this year.
Please note that all pieces must be with Suzanne Stirling by Friday 9th March. Sue is happy to come and collect them from your place of business - just email her at and let her know.


The Colonel said:

That's clucking brilliant.

Chicken said:

What? another Steve Harris portrait?

Art Critic said:

Is that it? What a poultry piece of artwork. Nice one Tinno.

Chook eater said:

That's finger lickin' good Tinno!

What the cluck? said:

That's egxactly what I'm looking for. I'll start the bidding at $50.

Curious said:

How big is Andrew's cock? Would I be able to squeeze it into a cab and take it home with me at the end of the night?

Chicken Choka said:

I've seen it 9.22 and it might be too big for you to handle.

Art Lover said:

It's painted on pop sticks. It's only a small cock.

Dav Tabeshfar said:

It's got legs. I reckon a pig and a sheep would complete the campaign.

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