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CityofPerth.jpgA new City of Perth spot has just been released by Marketforce. Apparently Perth was once in the shadows but we now have a new found passion and we're ready to shine. CB has not been sent any details or a PR release as yet, so here's a YouTube link to the spot.


UPDATE (5pm): The City of Perth has just emailed through to Campaign Brief more information on the campaign.

The new 'destination' branding campaign is aimed at increasing awareness of how the city is changing and of its many new attractions. It's also about promoting a sense of pride in what we have and spreading the word to others. It features a friendly bloke (The Voice of the City) who starts up a conversation with TV viewers, radio listeners and people on the city's streets.
Developed by advertising agency Marketforce for the City of Perth, the campaign features innovative time-lapse photography highlighting the changing face of the city.
The photographic images were created by New York-based Josh Owens. To complement the visuals, local sound studio Brainestorm has created a compelling soundtrack.

An innovative feature is the creation of 'talking Adshel posters'. By pressing a button, people are greeted by 'The Voice of the City', who provides suggestions as to what can be experienced in that part of the city. There are also hidden speakers at various points around the city with similar messages.

Christian Barrett-Hill, a Perth-born actor, is the voice heard in the ads.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said: "Development of the new campaign evolved from workshops involving Elected Members as well as city business owners and operators across the retail, arts, tourism and education sectors.

"No-one can deny that it's an exciting time for our capital city. Perth and Northbridge are being transformed. Our city has found a new sense of direction and there's real momentum. Over the past couple of years Perth has had a very noticeable expansion of arts, culture, food and retail offerings.

"The nub of the ads is that if our city could talk, what would it say? The Council wants people to listen to the conversation through the audio and visual prompts they will encounter.

"What we are saying to those in suburbia and elsewhere, who may have lost contact with the city, is 'come in and see us again ... we've changed, so experience and enjoy what's on offer now'. It's an invitation to re-establish a relationship ... to come and visit and catch up with an old friend."


Proud of Perth said:

What a massive disappointment. Show me the Perth i don't know, not some dreary time lapse photography of the Perth i'm already familiar with.

Herb Lubalin said:

Do these guys have any decent typographers on their staff?
The branding for this stuff is appalling.
The letterspacing in the word Perth is totally crap.
Where's your sense of detailing and craftsmanship?

Voiceover - depressing. That guy gives me the creeps.
It sounds as if we are all apologising for something, and the whole thing just looks dated to me.

Before I get the 'right back at ya', I do not work for any of the so called competitors.

LOVE69 said:

Wow! I love the beautiful imagery of the Bell Tower!

Oh Dear said:

Get to know me? Are you kidding? I don't like boring people. I'd rather hand out with my mates Mel Bourne and Syd Ney and even Adelaide to be honest.

Herb is no dill. said:

Agree with Herb. Hey guys. Less lunches and more time at the desk please. This ad is horrible. The type is ordinary. Did anyone care what went on here?

Ian said:

i'm not surprised that there's no press release to go with this work, frankly it's dull and uninspiring and if the rumours of what it cost are true, then they should be ashamed of themselves.

Dullsville hits a new level of dull. said:

All that was missing were some time lapse shots of parking meters and empty apartments.

Haven't Got Time For This said:

I really wanted to write something witty and sarcastic – but I couldn't be bothered.

desperate and dateless said:

poor guys sounds really lonely

How much did it cost? said:

Keen to know.

Violet said:

I was a bit disappointed in this. The voice-over reminded me of those Commonwealth Bank ads with Claire Van der Boom.
Show me the exciting things I've been missing - the laneway bars, entertainment, artwork etc.

Wise man from the East here on holiday. said:

The only ad duller than this ad is the new HBF ad. What is happening Perth?

Cringing said:

This sounds like a promo for The Biggest Loser.

Get to know ME man said:

Would have love to have seen some people showing facial affection for the place. I can't connect to buildings that much. Would have been a winner for me if it had that. But pretty good overall. Beautifully shot and gorgeous sound. And it addresses what we all whinge about the place doesn't it?
Great website too.

clinically depressed said:

if this sad git doesn't cheer up soon he'll be packing his bag and heading East to start a new life. A boring city on speed doesn't make it a better city.

kegs said:

Credit where it's due: the vision is good which is a good start for a tvc. The voice , sound track and writing are insipid however. I hope it's targeting older people who haven't been in the city for a while because as a young person (26), I know the city and the ad doesn't really make me want to know it more.

Ray Zor said:

The voice over - ahhh...pass me the razor blade or I might just have to run out in front of a big truck.

PADC chance? said:

Does anyone think it will pick up metal?

Opportunity missed said:

I'm really disappointed with this too. What a great opportunity for the agency and the whole thing falls really flat. No people and no connection for me. When you compare this work to loose yourself in Melbourne well....

Enough said!!!! said:

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said: "Development of the new campaign evolved from workshops involving Elected Members as well as city business owners and operators across the retail, arts, tourism and education sectors.

Head said:

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. Please come and see me after school.
You will write 'please do not waste public money 200 times'.

Joe King said:

PADC Chance.
You must b avin a laff mate. The only thing this is going to pick up will give you a rash in places you don't want a rash.
Watchin me dog eat dinner is more excitin than this and I dont even av a dog.

Gobsmacked said:

The client has been robbed. Ok, they bought a serious turd here, but with that sort of budget you would have expected it to polish up a lot more than this. Badly written, and poorly realised, with a voice over that somehow manages to make it even worse, this is criminal waste of money and airtime.

Danny La Rue said:

I thought this was a viral for The Chameleon Society of WA

Waste of money said:

Shame on you MF. Time to start writing to the mayor. This is scandalous. Let's not forget the huge bill MF charged for the Northbridge signage. As a rate payer I'm disgusted.

Type O said:

Laughable comments about type spacing - really, after 60 seconds of this expensive anonymous tripe which could be any city in the developed world - all you could think to comment about is type on a logo that's on-screen for a second?

mom said:

Wow, tough crowd.

Wtf said:

Terrible. Who's responsible?

Please like me. said:

You can't blame the creative guys. The City of Perth and Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi look like they have had a heavy hand in this. The problem is the City of Perth. "Let us entertain you" Where? The cinemas have all gone. You might be able to go to a concert one day if the complex is ever finished. Parking just gets more and more expensive and most carparks close early. A few overpriced cactus sculptures don't cut it. The retail mix is dull and predictable. Empty apartments now stand where interesting buildings once stood. Empty boring shopping arcades. No wonder all they can show in an ad is infrastructure. Wow. Roads. Buildings. More roads. I'm surprised there were not shots of the power grid, plumbing and underground sewer systems. The message is desperate. Please get to know me? Please like me. Sorry. I don't like you Lisa.

Agree said:

Opportunity Missed - you nailed it. Compare this with the 'Loose yourself in Melbourne' campaign and there's your argument! Hopefully the client and all stakeholders see what they could've got for their money!

By the way, I saw it on air early this morning and I realised it could actually be an ad for Beyond Blue.

Perth Resident-Viewer said:

WOW..finally an agency that has got the guts to do something different.

Good on you Lisa for giving Marketforce your business.

Sounds like there's a bit of jealousy amongst the rest of the comments in this blog.

Hang your head said:

As a tax payer I'm disgusted with the COP for approving such a waste of taxpayers money. And equally as disgusted with MF for serving up and selling a half-baked campaign. You could... of created such an inspiring campaign about our City. Someone mentioned the 'Lose Youself' campaign from Melbourne. An amazing totally integrated campaign that is truly memorable.

I'm very, very disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Death by a thousand idiots said:

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said: "Development of the new campaign evolved from workshops involving Elected Members as well as city business owners and operators across the retail, arts, tourism and education sectors."

Maybe find time to include your agency next time, Lord Mayor.

Same brief as Lose yourself in Melbourne said:

And we end up with this rubbish. Bring back Tinning please.

Creativity lost said:

This is a lost opportunity. Wake me up please.

Shitty of Perth said:

Please like me, the blame lies squarely with the 'creative' guys. What makes this so lame is the idea of giving the city a voice and using it to beg me to like it. It's a terrible concept and you can't blame anyone else for that!

local lover said:

shame we couldn't find some locals to shoot it!

11.24 and alive in Perth said:

That is the WORST ad I think I've ever seen...

Are we trying to take the top spot for the 'only above ground cemetery in Australia' away from Adelaide??

Sorry Lord Mayor, just cuz you've got 'fashion sense' does not make you an advertising expert. The only 'exciting' bit of that whole minute was the green lego thing!

Three strikes said:

First, MF serve us up the reprehensible Brownes spots, then they 'win' the HBF account under incredibly questionable circumstances and now they've given us this. Dear oh dear.

Rate payers and tax payers revolt! said:

This is out of control. City of Perth? Shame on you?

how did this happen! said:

Escalators, People crossing roads, traffic lights, tall buildings, a big road during the day, a big road at night, vertigo and a voice that makes me want to call The Samaritans.
Give me one reason why I would want to know you.
Of course a big green thing that looks vaguely like a cactus that has nothing to do with Western Australia.
How could anyone write this? How could anyone present this? How could anyone accept this?

R I P O F F !!! said:

Look at the Melbourne campaign guys. Do something interesting. Talk about dullsville. I'm embarrassed to say I'm from Perth.

Ha Ha Ha said:

You guys in Perth can't even do an interesting ad for your own city. That is the worst ad I've ever seen to promote a location.

"Pack the car love. Lets take the kids into Perth city. They have escalators and people crossing roads. Woohhhooooo."

Was this done in the 70's said:

Hang on. I saw the new BHP building so it must be new.

why bother said:

This measured 'critiquing' soooooooo makes me want to put some ads up on here lol.
I reckon that'll be about the end of that.

Why didn't they show all the car parks in the city? said:

Missed opportunity guys. At dusk the car parks look great as cars leave their tail light trail in the soft afternoon glow. And shots of people paying at the parking machines. Loading the machine with coins or credit cards would of made great footage. Maybe for the next ad.

Vibrant Perth Arts Scene-ist said:

Another underwhelming TV campaign shot by "rock stars from the east", this time from the USA in fact. When are agencies going to support/ employ local directors and what's left of the 'film industry' here in good ol' Perth - oh that's right, the campaign is supposed to be celebrating Perth's vibrant arts and entertainment scene - sadly ironic when its creators aren't supporting the said scene.
Apart from the bell tower shot all the rest are very pedestrian/ boring, visually disengaging shots of nondescript buildings, roads and blurred pedestrians (presumably in an attempt to make the streets look busy?). A good local director would have injected a ton of intimate affection with Perth's architecture, entertainment and arts scene. You know, local knowledge.
Sadly, under supported local directors leave Perth in dismay hoping for work in the east, local facilities close down and wide eyed suitcase operators with a laptop and the latest haircut fresh out of TAFE scramble for crumbs.
Please, suits and creatives be aware your continued non support will continue to decimate what's left of the local 'film industry' - your suppliers.

Realistic said:

Dear Please like me, clearly there are a large number of people who feel that this work is very disappointing. But as for not blaming the creatives, someone once said ' clients only buy shit if you show it to them' and i believe to that point that MF should take responsibility for their work. it fails on many levels, but the execution is ultimately the embodiment of their thinking and whilst i'm not a big fan of the Mayor either, this time you can't just blame her for this blot on our airwaves.

How much? said:

Given the client and the previous creative history from not only MF did we really expect anything great. What annoys me is this 700k budget. Couldn't the agency have just come up with a 150k non-idea instead of an expensive non-idea?

Big Bucks Buy Buckets of Beige said:

Start by telling me how boring you once were and *yawn*...

Voice is attractive, but directed to fit a Sixty Minutes 'Cute Dead Things' story. (And "Perth-born" is no sop to local talent.)
Pictures are good - but don't need to be out-souced, there's talent here.
Script is banal.
Sound is great - even with the dirge-like opening.
Type has potential but not near enough craft - where's the pride?
I take that back - that type will never work for those letters - ever!

Melbourne takes the same brief and invites me to come and play.
This presents Perth as a sad old lover with a new wardrobe - still apologising.

Ivor Noidea said:

The amount of style over substance is breathtaking. I've watched this ad at least 6 times and genuinely can't find a reason that I'd want to get to know this city better. We all know Perth has always been a beautiful place - that's never been the problem, its the soul that's lacking, and to be fair, over the past couple of years is definitely changing for the better. There's a serious lack of meaningful insights into the changing face of Perth within this spot, plus the choice of voice-over - what were they thinking???! Sorry, definitely a BIG miss.

How much indeed said:

700k?? Really?? I'd like to know where you sourced that information from. Enlighten us please...

ANGRY!!! said:

To makers of this ad - you have grossly misrepresented our city.

One only has to look at the responses on youtube from non-ad folk to realise that this is not about jealousy or over-analysing. People genuinely hate this ad. It does nothing to make us feel proud of the place we live and work in.

Good idea that was probably nailed to a cross said:

Good idea sitting behind this. Shame it's totally underwhelmed by souless direction, daggy soundtrack and terrible VO. Would have loved to have seen the original concept before it was workshopped to death by 'elected members'. I mean check these dudes out http://www.cityofperth.wa.gov.au/web/Council/Elected-Members/

But didn't you see the Bell Tower..!? said:

What, in the city, are we actually going in to catch up with as the campaign suggests? Frankly, it will take a lot more than some big buildings, and an upward shot of the bell tower to get me into the city.

What about the new bars, and restuarants & cafes that the city and Northbridge now has to offer? Surely we as a city can offer tourists and locals alike something more than the adverts offers.

I don't like to put down work, but wow this was pretty poor.

Opportunity missed said:

I have bad news. I was driving in my car today and heard the radio execution. 303's enjoy the ride campaign is probably taking a hit because if you hear it whilst driving a certain rage comes over you. I almost drove off the road and it made my ride most un-enjoyable. The radio makes it sound even more like a mental health ad. Can CB please upload the radio spots.

I say we do a poll. Would we prefer this or that terrible 'Perth its my city' promo from 7. I hate to say it but I think 7 wins. However, I think we should let the people speak.

i heard the radio too. said:

Oh dear.

For Perth but Frustrated as Hell said:

Lose yourself in Melbourne or get lost in Perth.


I dunno lol said:

Look at that committee! If one's gonna kill a good idea it's that one!
I suspect that's why no one, from conception to production has come in here to defend it. This was murdered. And everyone involved is keeping their head down.
Are we surprised? It's Perth, it all makes sense...

kind of funny said:

This would be much funnier if it weren't for the price-tag. Not to mention the unfortunate outsourcing of the visuals, even though "Perth has had a very noticeable expansion of arts..offerings" (cough)

To be fair the visuals are impressively done, but this script should never have been submitted - let alone approved.

Poor Marketforce.. As much fun as it is to get stuck into them (which, clearly, the majority of the industry enjoys) something tells me there is a reason they were in no rush to send this into the CB blog. Then again, they were probably paid well for this mediocre piece, so how much sympathy can you really give them?

The real question is, does anyone outside the ad industry really care...?

We all know the answer to that one.

Sound familiar? said:

It sounds like the story of an old woman who has had a cheap fashion makeover.

More escalators please said:

700k. You have to kidding. What a waste of money. Hang your head in shame Lisa. And Marketforce. You have wasted an opportunity.

Stakeholders hold nothing of value said:

If I am sick, it affects my family in some way. They are, therefore, stakeholders in my health and well-being. That doesn't mean I am going to consult them about my health - that's what doctors are for.

Stakeholders are not experts and when it comes to advertising all they do is dilute an idea until it has all but disappeared. It's advertising homeopathy and the results are never good.

Ummmm... Where? said:

Is anyone at Marketforce actually proud of this ad? Seems to me for all the "taking it over east how dare you" bashing that goes on in the CB pages... Perhaps the answer lies in this commercial.
If this is the best Perth agencies can offer... No wonder. If I were a client, I'd be running to new Zealand for help! At least you can get a decent feed in nz at the same time without being perfectly ripped off in our fabulous city.
Oh and Apologies in advance to all those "creative" PADC/CB winners. I know you'll hate me.

Ah. said:

Hire a director instead of a cinematographer next time you want to create a desired emotional reaction.

Hard To Fathom said:

i really thought this spot was going to explode halfway through revealing a big JB-hammer knockout punch to dullsville. plum opportunity missed. this early 90s-esque stuffed potato of an ad needs to be properly edited and soundtracked into the stupid spoof it is. thanks COP and MF for blindly misrepresenting your own bloody city!

Bah! said:

no sense of culture or soul in this spot - looks like a Multiplex Chairman's AGM video.

Curious said:

Who actually wrote and art directed this, anyone know?

Tight shorts said:

Two things have upset me this week. The death of Ian Turpie and the new COP ad.

Guess Who said:

Brendan Lewis - Suit
Patrick Lennox / Ben Green Creatives
Agency Producer - Belinda Hawkins

RIP Turps said:

talking of Turps, the voice over guy for The Price is Right would have been better talent than the one they used on this...

An ad guy from 'our' industry said:

Lock the thread Kim, this isn't making any of us look good.

(FYI Ad Guy - Campaign Brief has rejected 23 comments yesterday and, so far, 37 comments today. Cheers Kim)

Kim is boring said:

Dare you to block this.

I find myself wondering how many of the people complaining here have worked on the COP account at a senior level? My guess is 'not many'.

I also wonder how many of the above commentators would have the honesty to repeat their opinions to Ben or Patrick the next time they face them in the street? Or the next time Marketforce is hiring? Again, my guess is not many.

The next time someone laments that the instincts of creatives aren't taken seriously by clients in this town, I want them to remember this thread and ask themselves why they think that might be.

As for the work, it's neither the best, not the worst, that the COP has done. Saying otherwise is just no true on either count. The COP in my opinion has always spent their promotional budget best when they're doing something specific, not saying something in general. Somewhere along the line they seem to have forgotten that.

Hey AD guy! said:

We need to toughen up dude. Keep the thread alive Kim.

Think Positive said:

Mindrelic's work - when you find it on YouTube or Vimeo is as breathtaking as it is beautiful, like his 3 and a half minute New York piece here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9in-BscH5M . He's used the same techniques to the same effect in the Perth piece and, had anyone stumbled across it as a piece of visual art, it would no doubt be passed onto friends and pasted on Facebook. How cool is it that a hip photographer traipsed all the way over to Dullsville and made it look so stunning? The problem comes when it is branded as Perth and an attempt is made to articulate what the visual is trying to capture. I wouldn't be surprised in Pat and Ben hadn't presented it first as viral piece before the dullards at City Hall wrecked it. Hence the hush-hush roll-out

I grizzle about everything said:

I'd tell Ben and Pat to their face if I saw them.

Elevator ideas from Perth said:

I just watched the clip.

There were no shots of elevators to be seen.
That must of been a idea from the MF guys.

BORED said:

I saw the clip too, hardly original, but good track and of course the subject matter is far more interesting than what MF had to play with, which is exactly why they shouldn't have done it.

Perth born and bred said said:

I have to admit, the overall tone is depressing, it could be an ad for Beyond Blue. Having said that, Perth is depressing, very expensive and lacks soul, so in another way the ad confirms what Perth really is... COP needs to address the real issues about our city, like costly parking, food and lack of atmosphere etc etc. Oh and the crusty old counsillors and arrogant Mayor.
I also agree with comments on the logo, poor typography and that idea has been done to death.
When will COP ever listen????

Not a fan said:

The irony of it all is that kno doubt MF will do very well award wise off the one decent bit of creative they've produced in the 14 or so months. That being the horse power spot. Other will propell them up the local creative rankings positioning
Them on paper as one of the towns top creative agencies which they'll be sprinkling in every new business pitch.
The true measure of creative prowess are what you do with challenging briefs like this one. Perth has its flaws as does any city including Melbourne. That's no excuse for bad advertising

Enjoy Life Mate said:

8.17... Firstly, I'm not from Perth. I agree the spot is shocking and Perth is expensive – but Perth being depressing? Seriously? 80% of the year the sun is shining; you have the most beautiful beaches in Australia; and unless you work as a bouncer, you must surely enjoy a fantastic stress-free lifestyle... I could go on! If you honestly think Perth is really 'depressing', give Beyond Blue a call!

Where has the video gone? said:

Tried to watch the video but it's been removed from Youtube - is this so I am forced to go to the website to see it? You won't be getting a free UB from me, it sounds that bad I won't bother.

Wordy Fucking Bastard said:

Actually 8.17 is right. Perth is a bit depressing, Not in an obvious slash your wrists way. It's the insidious sameness of the everyday that finally gets to you. Wake up. Sunshine. Work. Beach. Barbie. Bar. Bed. All the things you claim create a "fantastic stress-free lifestyle." Humans instinctively crave excitement, change and difference - maybe it's left over from childhood curiosity? Stifle this and people become restless and unsatisfied. Too many native Perth people react to this by moving away in the most creative and productive part of their lives. Over east, to Europe or increasingly to Asia. They see the world, feed their wanderlust before finally heading back to settle down and start a family - at which point the process repeats itself with their offspring. What this creates is an emotional divide between the people and their city. They feel individually empowered to do stuff, but there is little or no collective will. No Perth Zeitgeist. Without the vibe, there is no focus. PIAF imports this for a month or so, individuals crop up or group together to try and kick start things (FORM etc). But there is no undercurrent, no cultural rip to excite and stimulate. Which brings us back to the COP spot. It has cliched outsider's view of the city, married to a TOV that attempts to communicate dynamic internal change. It feels contrived because it is. Unfortunately the discussions that could have led to something good are now having to take the form of a post-mortem.

Observant servant said:

'Not a fan' next time check that your auto correct hasn't changed what you've written before you push the send button! I'm sure sprinkling was meant to be spruiking and 'other will propel' was intended to read 'it will propel' along with ...produced in the 'past' 14 months or so.
Regardless of sounding like it was written by a Telstra call center operator, you've made a very valid point in your post.
Another interesting one is that on Youtube, comments have been disabled on the Get To Know Me clips.
It would seem that It's not just us advertising folks who are feeling the need to vent our collective spleens.

Fed up with the moaners said:

Great piece of work, very uplifting. Haters if you dont like it leave...End of.

I'm in I guess said:

Is it really that bad??? The advertising fraternity see it as a bit of a lost opportunity, but christ, does it really warrant all of the above? I'm sure the YouTube disabling is because most of 'us' jumped over there to vent no doubt. Yeah it's not perfect, but it's just a fucking ad.
The average punter probably likes it I'd wager.

I'm out said:

Yes it is and yes it does and 10-1 the punters feel the same way.

The Real Test said:

I'm in a hostel in Mexico right now. This is the real test.. I just showed the ad to 8 fellow travelers.. (two from Sydney). In 1 minute you've lost 8 potential visitors. They need to cancel booked ads immediately and start from scratch. Everyone thinks we sound like the looser from school who gets bullied.. everyone was asking where are the beaches.. I agree WHAT IS THIS? How is this enticing to visit? I've been talking up Perth so much to everyone and this is what is produced?? Our beaches rival Cancun and yet we are showing our two street city.. traffic lights.. business people walking to work... trust me if people want to see a city they will go to a real city.. Perth shouldn't market itself as an urban metropolis when its a natural beauty! Perth is my favorite city in the world and I'm proud of its history.. I'm ashamed this ad shows its not even proud of itself.

Seriously said:

Keep sending money out of the state if you want a generic second class result from production companies who see you and your work as a low priority.

Keep sending money out of the state if you want to see local production companies dwindle and be under resourced to provide you the service they would like to provide.

Keep sending money and opportunities out of the state if you want to see young promising directors leave the state because there are no opportunities here.

Keep sending money out of the state if you want to get ads like these.

Hey 12.19 said:

How the surf in mexico Scotty?

Real Test, that's not a fair comparison. There are no beaches in the City of Perth. In the suburbs yes, but the COP account does not encompass promoting the suburbs, only the CBD and surrounding area. Plus I very much doubt that the advert was aimed at international travellers. More likely it was aimed at people who live within the metro area, avoid the city centre for various reasons and choose to invest their time and money in the suburbs instead. Perth is a beautiful city true, but that's not enough to attract investment on its own or to shift local resident's spending patterns.

Criticise the ad by all means, but remember the target market and the client's mandate as you do so.

why bother said:

The Real Test, just quietly mate, there are no beaches in the city of Perth.

Yawn said:

Interesting results pop up when you type in "show me perth" into Google:

1. showmeperth.com.au (paid)
2. www.campaignbrief.com/wa/2012/03/im-perth-get-to-know-me.html (organic)
3. Perth : Meet new people Find new friends - Perth free friendship ads (organic)
4. aldenperth - About Us-Perth GroupA (organic)
5. Single Male jenko80 | Perth | dating on RSVP | 3418934 (organic)

For goodness sake....for a campaign that is supposed to make us feel excited about Perth, it is dull, unimaginative and a very lame digital strategy. I'm embarrassed.

Holiday Fun said:

Sounds like you're really making the most of Mexico..

The Devil's said:

Given the main criticism of COP is is lack of humanity, wouldn't it have been better to get this bloke to spend a week around the city and do pretty much what he has done on here: http://vimeo.com/38779623. "I love people" is a much more inviting proposition than "Get to Know Me"

no views said:

Where's the video gone- It's not that much of a mystery it's obviously been copping so much flak that they're in damage control mode and have pulled it. The real mystery is where's the new HBF campaign? I haven't caught it on telly yet so tried to find it online to no avail. I wonder why?

Easterner said:

I know that this is not aimed at me, but the vast majority of people who live this side know very little about Perth. i'm fortunate enough to have been there a few times and this actually does you a disservice. Shame.

Plundering the Public Purse said:

If I hit number 100 do I get a prize? If I do, please don't make a trip around the city, drinking flavoured milk with Private Health insurance thrown in.

100 said:

Congratulations everyone. We've broken the record for most comments on Campaign Brief. Everybody give yourselves a pat on the back.

Sigh said:

Hey 10:41 AM - don't assume everyone in Perth is as creatively stunted!

Also - they've deleted the ad so we can't even watch it any more!

Probably did us a favour!

Sigh ... again said:

The videos are all here:

Had a watch and I agree... makes me want to pack my bags and leave Perth forever. What a waste of council funds.

And by the way, City of Perth, your website needs a serious upgrade as the photos there are at least 3 years out of date!

Mary said:

Do you know me? I'm a bit less boring than I use to be. SOB! I've got a green sculpture now! There's buildings here and everything! No people of course.... no-one comes here anyway. SOB!

Worst ad I have ever seen. I hope Gruen picks up on this one.

Nicola said:

Well my sister & I went to the City, Everything we wanted to go to was closed, ie Tapas Bar,Whiskey Bar and a few others. The one's that where open were either grotty, full of Babies and prams or the food was pricey and disgusting. not everyone wants to go to Perth at night, were we don't feel safe and transport is not every 15mins. I would like to see Perth happening from 11am to 5pm. Perth has no idea, it either caters for the young or families nothing else. Where life is meant to start at the age of 40 or 50 where in Perth are they catered for?

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