Gatecrasher MD Tony Scampoli is ready to take your dare for Relay For Life

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Tony Scampoli_Blog.jpgGatecrasher is participating in the Relay for Life to raise money for the fight against Cancer. To raise as much money as possible, managing director Tony Scampoli has agreed to be the agency's lab rat. They're asking you to donate whatever amount you feel fit to your favourite dare. Next Friday, May 4, Tony will do the dare that raises the most money.
The dares:
1.  Wear a dress (Can we pick the dress? Gotta be something that could have come from Bree Maddox's wardrobe, not some 70s hippie kaftan. We'd wanna see some leg!)

2.  Talk and dress like a pirate all day (Aaarghh - a bit the ol' Jack Sparrow, eh? Good if he goes with the eye shadow and hair extensions too.)

3.  Shave his head (Always a good'n. Would 'keep on giving' well after the day - just ask Danielle Norrish.  But a bald Scampoli? That could be just too scary! Wonder how Kym - Mrs Scampoli - feels about this one. Shall we find out?)

All you have to do is go to this link , click 'donate to this team' and follow the prompts. Once you have donated, email your dare to  Then wait 'til next Friday to see which dare won.
Come into the (new) Gatecrasher office to see Tony for yourself or just wait for the pictures to be posted on Facebook and Campaign Brief.

Remember, ALL proceeds raised go to Cancer Council WA and Relay for Life.


LOL-ing said:


Tony in a dress - been there done that. said:

No it has to be something he actually does not want to do.

Triathlon sounds more like it. Or a bath full of milk and a randy python.

Adam said:

If we can raise $1000, I'm pretty sure we'll see Tony in a dress, bald and talking like a pirate.

Paul Yole said:

I would like to see Tony in a dress – a purple dress with a big white anchor on it

The Kats said:

Donation made. Surely you can't wear a dress without also having a full leg wax. Now that's entertainment...

Medium rare said:

$100 if he dresses in a head to toe purple body stocking like the bed shed guy

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