Bestads Top 6 of the Week reviewed by Steve Elrick, regional ECD, BBH Asia-Pacific

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tv 26.jpgBEST TV
It's between two: P&G 'Best Job' and Bavaria Beer 'Charlie Sheen'. Coke-snorting tiger-blood drinking Charlie Sheen leaving rehab, to be tempted by pregnant beer swilling moms, prompting him to blurt out the full Fuck in WTF ...versus ...the crowd-pleasing emotive story of Mom's love spurring their kids on to Olympic glory in teary victory vignettes.

Add the 'degree of difficulty' to the P&G ad whilst querying where on earth the Bavaria ad could ever run... and the choice seems easy. Well, until you also query the ambition of making Mom's feel something toward a conglomerate, versus a single brand they might actually have as part of family life? (Why not slap just one brand on the end of it and alternate as needs be? Er... Gillette... for the hairier Mom?). And then ask the question: which ad do I think will be sent more often, by more people (outside marketing) and consequentially have a real impact on the brand? Yeah, easy choice. Mom's might be winning - but Charlie and Bavaria beer are bi-winning!!!
1st: Bavaria.
Runner Up: P&G

Print 26.jpgBEST PRINT
There can be only one: VW Park-assist. When you really, really, really don't want to have even a little scrape. Lovely.
(Oh, Persil Agency and Persil Client... er, is it really logical to have "dramatized the crispness of clothes" to the point where they appear to spectacularly uncomfortable and un-wearable? Call me old fashioned...)
Ist: VW
Runner Up: Mashreq

outdoor 26.jpgBEST OUTDOOR
Maybe because I doubt whether a cinema ad could really be 'Outdoor' unless you were in a drive-in (then this 3D Mercedes ad would have been perfect!) I shall go for the Coke. A little like Charlie.
Is it as smart, surprising and fun as the US Coke vending machines of 2 years ago that dispensed everything from Coke to pizza and 12 foot long subs, or the Ice Cream machines activated with a smile... nah.... but a 'little bit of happiness' nonetheless.
Ist: Coke.
2nd: Mercedes

Perhaps have to look beyond the strict "Interactive" title and make a call on simply how engaged and engrossed with the content would I imagine I could become.
Ist: VW Beetle. It's cute. The Beetle's cute. The interface is cute. Cuteness suffuses. Very 'Beetle'. (Fight the desire to draw very rude things that are then animated. Or don't).
2nd. Your Music School: Vocal Coaching. Lovely idea: navigation of the site is done by voice... but only when you hit hit the right notes. Niiiiiiiiiii- iiiiice! (That was in A-flat).

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