Russ Tucker's D&AD report - Day Two

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russ.jpgRuss Tucker, national digital ECD at Tequila Sydney, is a judge on the D&AD digital jury and writes exclusively for Campaign Brief.

As the venue gets colder the work is getting hotter.

Out of 1113 digital entries - We've whittled it down to just 76. Now comes the challenge of what should be in the book.

Last year just 18 pieces made it into the book so we have some way to go. Some truly great work is starting to shine through and the real debate will rage on today and tomorrow. 

I'm convinced Bob Greenberg, our foreman, is from the future. I've stolen Bob's Nike FUEL wristband to see if I can see what the major digital trends will be this year. 
bob.jpgThe Fuel band is predicting that products that create data, tech hacks, data visualisations and facebook connect enabled experiences will be trending. 

In my opinion, genuine cause related work is starting to stand out more and more and the high quality of viral web films has made it very difficult to pick winners.

As tech trends come and go the really good stuff seems to be either really funny or really worthy or really weird. 

Sent from Bob Greenberg's stolen FUEL band.

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