Tony Clewett's D&AD Diary - Day Two

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tc 5.jpgTony Clewett, creative director of DraftFCB NZ, is a judge on the D&AD Direct jury which has just wound up day two. Clewett (left) writes exclusively for Campaign Brief.

day two....

This was the day my Jury got real nasty.

And we loved every minute of it.

It's funny. You get a bunch of CD's together and we can't wait to start going hammer-and-tong over which work we think should be a finalist. Or not.

b.jpgdog.jpgPi3.jpgMaybe it's the fact we're all equals, we push hard to sound the smartest, most strategic, or use that even more powerful technique - talking the loudest.

I scored OK on the front I think.

And here's some other real winners from today too (I have granted them my own special yellow pencils).

First up is best use of a dead bee. And it was darn well done too. Stone cold dead.

Next up is best use of a helpless cute dog. Leisa, I'm sure you'd love this one (secretly, it was from a great Aussie campaign).

And finally, best use of the word 'penis' from the outdoor category. Lord knows what it was advertising. I tried to decipher it. But couldn't. But with a byline like that, who cares. Maybe the outdoor Jury will be sweep away with it's clever use of a male anatomy reference. Doubt it....

Anyway, tomorrow promises to see bucket loads more nastiness as we fight it out to award the coveted yellow pencils. Personally, I can't wait.

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