AdSchool 'Learning by Doing' Professional Development Term 2 courses now enrolling

Adschool_Logo.jpgAdSchool now delivers industry professional development in a new learning by doing format.

New course structures and content now seeks to involve you - experience and learn through practical application. Sessions are now more collaborative; course content has been revamped and delivered in new formats focused on the best learning outcome for the discipline.

Special thanks to the industry professionals below, who have adopted the new format and taken the time to develop and deliver these industry professional development programs.

AdSchool Term 2 Courses Now Enrolling:
Communications Media Strategy Principles
OMD Head of Strategy, Mark Pinney
This new course delivers an understanding of the current and historical approaches to campaign planning as well as providing a step-by-step guide to developing a communications media strategy through hands-on group work
8 consecutive weeks, Wed May 16 - July 4,
Cost: $995 TCC members, $1095 non members

The Art of Account Management
Will Peart, Business Director, Meerkats
This course seeks to educate on two levels: by not only explaining what defines a great account manager and providing relevant steps to get there, but also by attempting to increase participants' desire to be better at what they do. Agency models are varied, and the expectation of account managers, their roles and responsibilities vary accordingly. So the course will also help participants understand how to excel in their own environment, with the intention of making the course both relevant to participants and a better investment for their employers.

7 weeks, Wed May 30 - July 11, 6-9pm including 1 full day Saturday workshop
Cost: $995 TCC members, $1095 non members

Steve Browning, Senior Copywriter
This subject introduces aspiring copywriters to the art and disciplines of selling via the written and spoken word. It will cover all aspects of print, radio, television and the Internet, and offers practical development of writing skills for these media

7 weeks, Mon June 11 - July 23,
Cost: $995 TCC members, $1095 non members

Brand Strategy Intensive Workshop
Nicole Cikarela, Senior Planner, Marketforce
In today's highly fragmented communication landscape brands have never been more important, creating a unique, motivating and authentic brand is no mean-feat; but one that every marketer can work towards with day-to-day marketing decisions. This short, but sweet, introduction to brand strategy and brand building is designed to give participants a taste of the process building a brand from scratch. Using theory, practical experience, specific case studies and critical thinking processes participants will consider the context and value of a strong brand.

2 days, Sat June 2 & 9, 6-9pm including 1 full day Saturday workshop
Cost: $660 TCC members, $770 non members

Better Business through Better Briefs Workshop
Jon Steel, Vice Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer, GPY&R Sydney
This workshop will explore the role of briefing in the process of creating effective communications solutions to clients' business problems. Beyond the brief itself, good briefing is about starting and fuelling a conversation between clients, agency account people and planners, and the copywriters and art directors who are charged with coming up with ideas. The workshop will take place over two weeks. In the first week, Jon Steel will outline the principles of good briefing, using examples from both inside and outside the world of marketing communications. Participants will then be given a briefing assignment to be presented and critiqued in the second week.

2 half days, Mon June 11 & 18, 12noon to 4pm
Cost: $660 TCC members, $770 non members

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For further information contact Danielle Norrish, Education and Member Services Manager, WA The Communications Council at or 0409 090 009.