Countdown to the 2012 Bullshit Battle of the Ad Bands: 10 - It's all about the girl

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Blondie_Blog.jpgContinuing our countdown to the 2012 Bullshit Battle of the Ad Bands with some songs that could / might / probably wont be performed.

Of course, The Battle isn't all about blokes. Some very hot ladies have graced the Irish Club stage over the years as well, so here's one in homage to them.

Having had a week to think about it, we may have been a bit enthusiastic calling Blondie the band of the 80s, especially since their really big success was mostly done by 1981. Still, their music has stood the test of time better than most bands that are typically associated with that decade.
Fronted by the oh-so enigmatic Deborah Harry, Blondie emerged from New York's new wave scene but dabbled in a variety of styles and always did them well. Try Sunday Girl for some retro pop, Union City Blue for over-blown anthemic rock, Atomic for dance, Rapture heralding the move of rap into the mainstream, and a hint of techno in their monster hit Heart of Glass.

But for a bullshit band, we like Hangin' On The Telephone. The song was actually written by Jack Lee, a west coast musician/composer, so it's ironic that it was popularised by the darlings of the east coast new wave scene. That was part of their genius. Fast, fun and slightly cynical, it typifies their early punk(ish) attitude combined with a killer pop sensibility.

So let's go ladies!

The 2012 Bullshit Battle of the Ad Bands will be held at the Irish Club Subiaco on Friday, August 3. To register your band, contact Ross 'The Boss' Tinney for details. Ticket sales TBA.

Next week: Another hot rock chick but it's all about the drummer.

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