Hampton York Homes return to traditional values in new press and print push via Gatecrasher

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HAM_Penny Farthing 1.jpgGatecrasher recently developed a new press campaign to promote the launch of a new traditional home building company, Hampton York Homes. The campaign sought to connect the brand with the style and values of eras gone by, whilst trying to deliver an execution that stood out in an increasingly cluttered category.

More information can be found at the Hampton York website, also designed and developed by Gatecrasher.

Credits: Copywriter- Wilora Keeley. Art Director - Tim Newton. Account Director - Peter Liddell. Account Manager - John Linton. Agency Producer - Brodie King. Photographer - Rob Simeon. Post Production - Luke Carter Wilton. Client: David Hochwald-Jones.



G said:

Looks fantastic! Well done guys.

Eddie said:

Simple idea, superb execution. Excelent ad :)

Luke said:

Go team!

Dav said:

Nice work Tim and Wilora. And nice work David Hochwald-Jones, for briefing such a single-minded proposition.

Tradition Lover said:

On a slight pedantic note, it is not possible for traditional to "return". The passing of something from generation to generation is what qualifies as tradition. As such, it actually disappears, being defined by the very act of its own retention. "The past has returned" would have been more precise. Nice ads, though.

Tradition Lover Hater said:

Tradition Lover.

Slight pedantic note?

Just a bit.

Spencer Battista said:

Tim and Crew very nice work, Rob Simeon great clean slick shots. Well done all.

late friday said:

I like it. I like it a lot.

Megan Riley said:

Nice one!

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