Longtail goes wild for Lotterywest

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Wild Bingo 3.jpgTo launch Lotterywest's latest scratchie, Wild Bingo, Longtail teamed up with New Zealand-based animation house Cirkus to create a rich jungle environment where players are encouraged to discover the various jungle critters and play a sample of the Scratchie ticket.

The microsite has a dedicated HTML5 site for the Apple iPad, which allows players to move the binoculars around using the iPad's accelerometer.

"This was a first for us in a lot of ways," said Longtail Creative Director, Josh Edge. "It was the first concept of this scale for new creative team Tom and Jess. It used the iPad's accelerometer in a new and interesting way. It was the first digital integration animation that the guys at Cirkus had ever done. This job used the smarts of pretty much everyone in the agency, and was a total team effort."
The campaign has already had over 145,000 unique plays this week, with each visitor playing for at least a minute each.

"This is part of a broader initiative to give the Scratch 'N' Win brand more exposure online, and create a virtual experience to help players test drive new Scratchies in a fun environment," said Carlo Bertozzi, Longtail CEO.

You can spend some time with the animals on the Wild Bingo site on your desktop (Flash) or your iPad (HTML5).

WILD BINGO 1.jpgWild Bingo 2.jpgWILD BINGO 5.jpgWILD BINGO 7.jpgwild bingo 6.jpg


David said:

That's wild!

Smarty Smart Smarts said:

That's smart, giving Scratchie players something to play with online. Much better than a bunch of ads pointing in the general direction of a newsagent. I like. Nicely executed too.

low rez said:

Nice job, but why does it pixelate when I zoom in on the Toucan???

Toucan 4 Life said:

Atmospheric distortion in the humid jungle air. Or maybe you're watching it on some kind of shameful PC browser.

Tim said:

Great fun!

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