The Brand Agency take a different approach to social media recruitment with 'Threedle'

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Threedle.jpgThe Brand Agency has developed a custom built one, stop shop for recruiters in social media implementation, engagement and advertising. Called Threedle, it's specifically designed to help Agency clients better target potential employees using social media.

Ian Callaghan, Business Director of The Brand Agency's Recruitment Communications team, said that Threedle provides HR people an easy to use and understand strategy that allows them extend their company's brand and recruitment into a social environment.
"Recruiters are working in a very tight labour market and predictions are that it's not going to get any easier. Threedle provides them with a cost-effective strategy to attract and engage quality staff," said Ian.

"A year in the making, Threedle gives HR people another avenue to promote their employer brand but also the functionality and versatility to quickly promote job vacancies as they come up, to an extremely targeted social media audience."

The video outlines the reasons for and the approach behind the development of Threedle.


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