Bestads Top 6 of the week reviewed by Colin Jeffery, partner/ECD, David&Goliath, LA

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Campaign Brief 303.pngBEST TV
Winner: Nike: Barbershop. There's a lot I like about this commercial, it's smart and uses a pro athlete in an interesting way. Every player wants to be remembered, Mario Balotelli has had a colourful and controversial career thus far. A simple trip to the barbershop sends a strong message to soccer fans. With Euro 2012 around the corner we'll soon know whether Mario and his fohawk have what it takes. Great casting and wardrobe. Pro athletes typically don't act very well, Mario does a good job here. I like his delivery of the line, "not bad".
Runner Up: Biolit: Sleep. It's weird, it's memorable and it's definitely not something you'd see on TV here in the US. The thing that interests me most about this spot is the cut away to the guy screaming in the forest. I'm not sure it's totally necessary, but it certainly makes the spot more memorable.

Campaign Brief 304.pngBEST PRINT
Winner: Glad Forceflex: Wild Birthday Bash. I love the way the product is integrated into the layout. Having the bag tightly pulled together adds an interesting perspective to the piece. The product benefit comes through loud and clear. The layout is well crafted with lots of interesting detail. I wish there were a few slightly more edgy items in the bag. Seems a little tame for an eighteenth birthday bash. Regardless, it's a really strong piece of work, congrats.
Runner Up: Goodyear: Farm. Having worked on tires, I know how hard it is to do great work. This communicates a simple and typically dull message in a really fun way. Great use of the Goodyear blimp.

Campaign Brief 305.pngBEST OUTDOOR 
Winner: Kia Motors: Rearview Camera Race. This is an interesting way to generate buzz around the brand and a specific feature. I imagine the stunt/event got a fair amount of media coverage. I'm surprised the client was open to their cars being trashed, not usually the case. Nice work.
Runner Up: McDonald's: GoMcDo. It's a simple image that needs no explanation, perfect for outdoor. The whole computer mouse thing has been done to death, but I like this execution.

Campaign Brief 306.pngBEST INTERACTIVE
Winner: Google Maps: Cube. There's a simplicity to the Google Chrome work that appeals to me. This game is fairly basic, but entertaining and informative. After working through the various levels I actually discovered things about Google Maps that I didn't know before. That fact that it's part of a larger initiative may be swaying my vote slightly. Great campaign, do more experiments.
Runner Up: American Rivers: Get more green. This is an interesting initiative that hopefully gains some serious traction. The online tool is actually something I can see people using. I really like the way Google Maps is utilized to help create the experience.

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