Cannes seminar highlight - Day Six

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Paul Yole in Cannes.jpgPaul Yole, head of strategy at The Brand Agency, and a regular contributor during Cannes week, highlights the best seminars from each day of the Festival.

Sir John Hegarty and Dan Wieden on stage together was a temptation I couldn't resist and I don't think anyone was disappointed.

For those who don't know, these two advertising legends founded their agencies, BBH and Wieden + Kennedy, on almost exactly the same day 30 years ago. They've been great rivals ever since and the banter between the pair was both entertaining and informative.

Some sound bites:

Dan - "Our foundation clients (mainly Nike) set the tone for what was possible."

John - "We're all about creating a visual narrative. Words are a barrier to communication." (Said in jest. I think.)

BBH.jpgJohn, in response to W+K's tear-jerker of an ad for P&G's Olympics sponsorship - "I think if I'd seen the script I'd have vomited. But the execution makes it brilliant."

The ad he's talking about is called 'Best Job'. View it here.

Dan - "Our rivalry makes us both better."

John, talking about how the client first rejected the brilliant X-Box ad, 'Life is short, play more' - "You have to keep trying, never give up."

Here is the ad.

Dan - "The Levi's Go Forth ad is a great example of what planners can bring to the process." (I had to get that one in. He doesn't often praise planners!)

John - "Look for human truths, not advertising truths."

John, when asked what the industry has to do to get better - "That's a great question and the answer is very simple. Make the bloody work better."

Dan, adding balance to his earlier comment - "We do too much strategy. We should be searching for the emotional essence of a brand."

It was a really great session with some great lessons. And it just happens that BBH's ad for a former W+K client, The Guardian, will pick up big time in tonight's film awards.

It's called Three Little Pigs.

I should mention that Friday was also the day when the Future Lions winners were presented by AKQA. It's a competition fro students and the brief is simply to come up with an idea for a brand of your choice that would not have been possible five years ago.

It is well worth having a look at these five great ideas these talented young kids created, especially 'Post from Japan' and 'Bing Automatic'. They are on the Future Lions Facebook page.

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