Countdown to the 2012 Bullshit Battle of the Ad Bands: 9 - One for The Brand Agency

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Song2.jpgContinuing our countdown to the 2012 Bullshit Battle of the Ad Bands with some songs that could / might / probably wont be performed.

To date, 6 bands have signed up for the 2012 Battle: 303Lowe, Gatecrasher, Marketforce, Brainestorm, Meerkats and Painted Dog Research. Notable by their absence is The Brand Agency, so we're departing from our planned track for this week to put in this one for them.
Based on previous efforts, it seems "...they like the punk and the metal band" (to borrow a line from those who Walk Like An Egyptian). Something with a bit of attitude and all-important 'alternative' cred.

How 'bout this one from British band Blur?

2-minutes 2-seconds long, second song on the band's self titled album, and the second single released from said album. It is of course Song 2.

It's got that trademark drum intro for James 'Wild Man' Wills to do his thang, and Craig Buchanan can do the guitar riff looking suitably sullen and disinterested. Just need a callow youth for the lead vocals - we're thinking Garry Horner. 

Short, sharp, noisy - a perfect Bullshit Band number.  So c'mon Craig - it's not the same without you!

The 2012 Bullshit Battle of the Ad Bands will be held at the Irish Club Subiaco on Friday, August 3. To register your band (Craig), contact Ross 'The Boss' Tinney for details. Ticket sales TBA.

UPDATE: They're in. Woo-hoo!

Next week: Back to that rock chick and the drummer.


Groupie said:

Come on Brand. Sign up. You guys have been great over the years.

Paul said:

There were vocal auditions in here on Friday for what seemed like 10 hours. There seems to be a high level of enthusiasm, although perhaps the real talent is yet to identify itself.

Anonymous said:

They will probably say that they wont be entering and then suprise everyone last minute by entering.. seems like the trend these days...

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