Countdown to the 2012 Bullshit Battle of the Ad Bands: 6 - Let's go Lenny's way

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Lenny.jpgContinuing our countdown to the 2012 Bullshit Battle of the Ad Bands with some songs that could / might / probably wont be performed.

Here's one for all the agencies waiting on the RAC decision.

Are You Gonna Go My Way is all about the guitar riff.  The good news for Bullshit Bands is that it's a pretty simple riff repeated throughout the song. Learn a handful of notes and it's done. Well almost.
That repetition could be a little boring but Lenny Kravitz and his uber-cool band (how 'bout that drummer?) elevate it to a classic head-banger.

Lenny is the only guy we've seen who doesn't look like a wanker playing a Flying V. And no-one's looked this good in a red suit since Ric Cairns at the 2002 PADCs. Perhaps anyone wanting to channel the K-man could borrow that piece of sartorial splendour from the erstwhile PADC president. Might need to keep the sleeves on though - think Ric still wears it occasionally!

Tickets now on sale.
Tickets for the 2012 Bullshit Battle of the Ad Bands are now available here. Having whipped you all into a frenzy of expectation over the past few weeks, they're sure to sell fast, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. With seven bands signed up to compete plus a special encore performance by the Oasis Ball supergroup, it's sure to be a blast.


Johnny Hotlicks Hate Club said:

‘Simple riff? Handful of notes?’ Ahh, can you play this song on guitar CB?

The beauty of good rock and roll (and this song) is that the simplest sounding things – often aren’t that simple.

To play this riff with flair and dexterity is actually quite a challenge – especially 18 times in a row (I would imagine…)

That over-exuberant, axe-wielding shredder-pony-boy from last year would walk-it-in – but it is not, as you suggest, something an amateur could quickly master.

As you were.

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