Meerkats re-launch Lotto brand for Lotterywest

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Give Luck A Chance.jpgMeerkats has re-launched Lotterywest's Lotto brand with a 90-second commercial now showing on television and in cinemas.

The commercial promotes Lotto's new positioning line 'Give Luck A Chance'.

See the ad

"When we think about it, luck plays a big part in all of our lives," said Lotterywest CEO Jan Stewart.
"There's the chance of fate that led to our parents meeting each other and creating us, then there's the chance that led to the moment when we met our own life partner or other important people in our lives, as well as all the other moments when we simply had the courage to take a chance."

This campaign follows research by Lotterywest, together with local advertising partner Meerkats who worked on the campaign's concept, on how people perceive Lotto and how they experience luck.

"Lotto has been very popular with Western Australians for a long time but we knew we were not connecting with some sections of the public, especially the younger market, with our current marketing approach," Stewart said. "We felt it was time to encourage Western Australians to reconnect with the idea of playing Lotto and that led us to this idea of the key message that it's time to let luck back into our lives. After all, the one thing that all Lotto winners have in common is that they gave luck a chance and bought a Lotto ticket."

The new marketing campaign is led by a television commercial which tells the story of one young man's cycle of life. The story reminds us that there is always an element of luck in what happens to us but that we also have to be willing to take chances when opportunities come our way.

(See the various 30-second versions on Lotterywest's YouTube Channel)

The television commercial is directed by internationally recognised film director from Western Australia Richard Bullock, who moved into directing in 2003 and has worked on major brands including Adidas and Mastercard.

Print and outdoor advertising showing a range of quirky messages about how luck might be 'given a chance' is a key element of the campaign.

Lotterywest's digital communications partner Longtail, has led the digital component of the campaign. This includes a microsite where people can tell their story about how they met their life partner and share with others what happened when they gave luck a chance.

Other communications partners who have contributed to the campaign are Spirit Visual Communications on the brand and design work, particularly for the refreshed product branding and imagery, and Mitchells & Partners on the media strategy.

Stewart said it had been three years since Lotterywest had last launched a new major branding and communications strategy and it was time to refresh the communications approach and re-engage with players.

Together with the product marketing campaign, there is a new Lotterywest community message - 'You play. You give'. This simple message reminds players in Western Australia that every time they play Lotterywest games, they are giving back to the local community.

"Not only do we hope this campaign encourages everyone to let a little luck back into their lives which might just involve a Lotto win, but we want the community to understand that with increased support for our games we can continue to raise much needed funds for the Western Australian community."


Tim said:

Awesome work! A refreshing take on the brand.

One slick pick please said:

Best Ad I have seen for a LOOOOOONG time!!!

Almost said:

Really like the idea and the script but the execution is average... it doesn't leave me feeling anything.

Ian said:

It seems to have have adopted the same approach as 'Enjoy the ride' and whilst i found that went on a bit, this drags on a lot. Left me cold.

Anonymous said:

Agree Ian, very much like enjoy the ride...

Just Saying... said:

Pretty good. Background music lets it down - instead of making me feel all emotional about 'how lucky I am', I felt like I'd just walked through sideshow alley at the Royal Show.

Just sayin' said:

So after almost two years in the making, the blinding white flash of strategic brilliance is lotto you've got to be in it to win it..

student 101 said:

Nicely done. Does anyone know roughly the cost of production for a 1min ad/film like this?

Almost said:

Great idea pretty well shot and cut but the score and voice over read (the copy is okay) let it down.

Enjoyed said:

I can understand the 'Enjoy the Ride' comparisons...Plenty of nice life observations that take a little while to get to the point. But in the end, I do kinda like the point it makes.

Bainy said:

The 90 second is the launch spot. There are a number of additional spots coming that take the messaging further. Keep an eye out. Longtail have done some lovely digital work as well that you can see on Perth Now.

Hmmm said:

I feel as though I have seen it before...somewhere

How Now said:

The real Lottery is the Brownes pitch. Apparently every agency in town is going for the cream!

One slick pick please said:

Its official.

Most of the bloggers here are tossers. Just saying. I do and say stupid stuff when I have had a few beers. At least I have an excuse. Some of you twits not so much.

BTW how hilarious are the NZ adverts?

Wils said:

Saw the 30 on TV last night. Was refreshing! I like, I like.

simon lodge said:

I like it!! good work guys.
Now fingers crossed I'm going to get lucky this week!!

Alex said:

As an employee of a Lotterywest retailer, the ad was actually quite boring. Was only captivated the first time because I had no idea what the ad was for. The cost to recreate the 70s/80s era would have cost a lot. And to mention on the cost of airing these ads (which I've seen during Primetime hours) would too cost a lot. From a few years back, I remember Hamish and Andy wanted to do an ad for a show on Channel 10, and they didn't go through with it because for 30secs during 7:30-8:30 was $55,000.

Lotterywest have to be careful when promoting their products because they are a government agency (although the government doesn't receive any money from Lotterywest). Telling our relationship officer, they should look at the Eastern States marketing ways.

Tricia Cleary said:

I think the ads - all of them are great - especially the long one from birth to birth. Very uplifting and can relate.
Tricia Cleary

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