Steve Browning takes out Campaign category in Round 1 of the 2013 Siren Awards for radio

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SteveBrowning.jpegA campaign for Bannister Downs Dairy by Steve Browning (pictured) has taken out the Campaign category in Round 1 of the Siren Awards for radio advertising.

The three spots - 'Cafe Au Lait', 'Chocolatte' and 'Mango' - were produced by Brainestorm Studios' Marty Braine.

Listen to the spots here.

Braine produced the overall campaign winner - Alcoholics Anonymous - in the 2012 Sirens.

The Siren Awards are a national competition held annually by Commercial Radio Australia to encourage excellence and creativity in commercial radio advertising.


Not convinced. said:

Sorry, I love Steve and I think he's brilliant, but I didn't like these ads. It feels like it as a quiet month at the Sirens and this campaign did a Steven Bradbury.

There's no insight in the campaign. Sure they're quirky, but I don't see how they will get noticed or move product.

Sorry Steve. Normally everything you do is amazing. I just don't like these.

Jo Bulline said:

Congratulations Steve and Marty. Fantastic spots.

Davey said:

Top effort, Stevie and Marty.

Steve Browning said:

I'd like to thank Not Convinced for his/her post. His/her kind comments and his/her candour. There is, dare I say, a modicum of insight in this campaign. It seemed to me there was a trend which said ' radio target audience for flavoured milk is tradies'. So I took that premise and turned it around (a bit). So I wrote some ads where yer more sophisticated tradies drink a higher caliber of milk. So it is vaguely strategic. Banninster Downs Dairy is a direct client; so I'll get instant feedback on whether or not they sold more flavoured milk. I'll keep you posted :-)

Nick said:

These were actually done by Justin.
Sorry Marty.
Can I get you a coffee?

One of the Plebs said:

Mr Browning, you are far too much a proper gentlemen to be dragged down to the level of these petty muckrakers.

A thinly veiled insult is the best form of constructive criticism you’ll ever find here.

Don’t you have novels to write, sipping cognac fireside? Stay away…these people will steal your soul.

And congrats too ;)

Just Add Skivvy said:

Good Jobs, Mr Steve.

tired said:

The Kiwi's did the exact same idea so much better for Jesters Pies. Can't find a link, but if you've got the latest CB national mag lying around check out creative circle NZ.

Des said:

Well done guys - great campaign!

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