Cannes highlight: AKQA Future Lions

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AKQA Future Lions.jpg One of the big highlights of the Cannes Festival of Creativity this year was the Future Lions program.

AKQA has presented Future Lions since 2006 and the goal of the Future Lions is to challenge and showcase the next generation of talent emerging from ad schools around the world.

The brief was to "advertise a product from a brand in a way that couldn't have been done five years ago, to an audience of your choosing".

This year saw a record number of responses - nearly 1,100 entries from students around the world. Below are this year's winners - Check them out... they are all big ideas that transcend advertising.

FutureLions1.jpgMADE BY WAVES
"Made by Waves" is a way to put the waves back in to the brand, and at the same time become a rolemodel and inspiration for both the surf industry and a new generation of surfers. By installing waverollers on Huntington Beach, CA, Quiksilver can produce all of there products with the help of wave power. Thereby creating sustainable communication and turning Quiksilver in to a brand not just made for waves, but a brand Made by Waves.

FutureLions3.jpgBING AUTOMATIC
How do you stop Bing users from automatically falling back to the Google search engine? This idea earned the students a productive meeting with top Microsoft executives in Cannes.

FutureLions2.jpgPOST FOR JAPAN
Since the catastrophe in spring 2011 Japan have lost 36 percent of their tourists. In order to bring them back Japan need to show that now, one year later, it's both a safe and beautiful country to visit. We created a campaign where we get existing tourists to share their photos to the rest of the world. And thereby helping Japan to change its image.

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