RAC takes steps to reduce WA's carbon footprint in new campaign via The Brand Agency

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green_headoffice_long4.jpgBusiness as usual for The Brand and RAC.

The RAC is encouraging motorists to choose more sustainable motoring options through its Less Emissions Mission campaign via The Brand Agency.

The initiative rewards motorists across Western Australia who reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, helping them to save both money and the environment.

The Less Emissions Mission campaign attempts to help WA motorists who drive a lower carbon dioxide emissions vehicle by offering generous discounts on some of its insurance, finance, auto services and roadside assistance products.

For more information on this campaign click here.
Less Emissions Mission launch photos 004.jpgThe RAC believes incentives will encourage motorists to reduce their carbon footprint by driving a lower emissions vehicle.

The Australian National Greenhouse Accounts show carbon dioxide emissions from transport have increased by around 41 per cent since 1990.

Last year alone, the transport sector was responsible for 16 per cent of Australia's greenhouse gas emissions, with passenger cars accounting for about half of this

Says Matt Brown, head of member advocacy: "The RAC listens to its members and we know some of our members are concerned about the impact of vehicles on the environment.

"This is one of the ways we are financially committed to encouraging sustainable motoring in Western Australia.

"The RAC is focused on safe, accessible and sustainable mobility for all Western Australians and the Less Emissions Mission is a step towards achieving our sustainability goals.

To help build awareness of the RAC initiative, the RAC will offer free Wi-Fi to bus commuters on one of Transperth's northern routes which has been wrapped in the green campaign advertising.

The RAC believe this is the way to further encourage motorists to choose sustainable transport options, and this is the first time free Wi-Fi has been available on Transperth's buses.

The RAC's electric patrol vehicle 'Sparky' has also been wrapped in green, while the building will be partly bathed in green lights for two weeks as a visual reminder.


Ok i'll say it... said:

...what is the carbon footprint of flying suits/creatives/client back and forth to Sydney?

Not happier said:

It's offset by the suits/creatives who no longer have to drive to work.

Oh said:

I thought it was green for the Olympics or something. Where's the above-the-line campaign?

Richard said:

Nice work to end on guys.

Herman said:

How much power and energy is being used to power those lights for 2 weeks?

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