No staff losses as The Brand Agency's 21 year relationship with the RAC officially ends

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Steve Harris_sml.jpgThe Brand Agency's long relationship with the RAC ended officially on Friday with the newly appointed JWT Perth taking up the reins as of today.

The Brand Agency's managing director Steve Harris (left) said he was thankful that the loss would have no impact on the agency's staffing levels.

"We have lived with both the news and the process of this RAC review for the past 10 months. Because we were uncertain if the account was staying or leaving we have not replaced any staff that have left over this time," said Harris.

"This year a senior creative team left to move east, a junior creative team has gone, and two suits have also left with one on maternity leave. Several other staff who worked on RAC will transfer to our digital side which is experiencing huge growth."

To cope with the workload Harris said they had been using a lot of freelancers over the past three months, including senior creatives from Sydney.

"We've had this decision hanging over our head for some time and while, obviously, we are disappointed to see the RAC leave us the reality is that had we managed to retain it we would have had to hire 6 to 8 extra staff very quickly to cover the workload."

The RAC was a foundation client when The Brand Agency formed in July 1991, when McCann Erickson pulled out of Perth. The account had followed The Brand's chairman Ken James to McCanns from DMB&B in 1989 and James' association with the account goes back to 1977 when he first worked on it at John Gill Advertising.

JWT Perth's office is opening mid-September and is expected to include a staff of 6 to 8 people. It will be run by Nicole Lennox Gray who previously worked in Perth at The Shorter Group and Marketforce in the late 90's and early 2000's.


creative said:

a) which senior creative team went over east?
b) which creatives are going to be working on the account at JWT?

nero said:

I can't believe how good the emperor looks in those new clothes.

Correct said:

@creative - Gene and Tim left a few months ago for Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney.

? said:

@Correct - a senior team?

Anonymous said:

So the client chose a network agency that isn't set up yet in Perth and they are its first client. Wow, either the client is silly (in which case good on BA for losing them) or the relationship is that bad between RAC and BA (in which case this does not reflect well on BA)...

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