303Lowe & The Brand re-appointed to Water Corp

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AlanTaylor.jpg303Lowe has been re-appointed by Water Corporation as its lead agency following a review process that included The Brand Agency.

303Lowe MD Alan Taylor (pictured) said the agency was looking forward to doing more long-term, brand work with the client as well as it shorter-term campaign needs.

"It's just great that we can broaden our contribution to the Water Corporation business. The work thus far has been much more focused on demand management and behaviour change programs which have been very effective. However, Water Corporation are moving into a new era for the business and the brand and it is wonderful that they believe that the 303LOWE team is best placed to partner with them on that journey".

The Brand Agency will continue to handle Water Corporation's digital work and will also be contracted to several major projects for the client.


Interesting... said:

I heard that Brand and 303 were going to tender on each individual project as they were briefed in? No?
And what does it mean to be a 'lead agency' when all the digital work is handled by another agency?

Agree said:

That's exactly what I had heard as well - tendering on each project and basically 303 were just the lead agency on paper??

Right.... said:

Brand are handling digital work? Are you sure????

More research needed said:

I think some further investigation might uncover that Brand are not in fact handling all the Water Corporations's digital work.

The Spin Doctor said:

Nice try Mr Taylor, i think the West had the true story last Friday with a quote from the client which differed somewhat from yours.

take the lead said:

jeez 'interesting', it means what it says....
303 will develop the brand positioning. Any digital work will 'follow their lead' and reflect their strategy.

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