Longtail creates giant outdoor interactive experiential 'scratchie' for Lotterywest

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Wordplay_1.jpgLongtail has recently concluded its first digital experiential event for Lotterywest. A 6x6 metre 'scratchie' was connected to the giant outdoor screen at PICA to create a interactive digital installation for the Word Play Scratch'n'Win game.

The event was promoted through online ads and social media, and video assets from the will form part of an ongoing campaign.

Creative Director Josh Edge said, "As anyone who has ever tried to get these types of experiential events up in Perth knows, it can be a hard slog. We were blessed, as always, with a great team of technical and creative geniuses at the 'Tail, along with David Saraga's endless help and professionalism at Gettin' Hectic and the Artifactory team lending a hand to turn some pretty bog-standard security mats into a fully interactive Scratchie ticket.
"I am incredibly proud of the team for this stunning installation, especially given the very short timeframe we had to pull it together," said Carlo Bertozzi, Longtail CEO.

"This was also another project involving the students from our Incubator project" "This was a significant event for Longtail, as we view the cross‐over between digital and experiential as a great opportunity for us to extend the reach and brand engagement of our campaigns. The increasing number of digital outdoor and ambient opportunities is opening up a range of new possibilities."


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I didn't see this advertised anywhere, is it happening again?

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There aren't too many Toms in the industry so I just want to clarify that the "Tom said ..." above is not me. It's probably just an illiterate suit from one of our competitors being mischievous. For the record, Mitchells, Longtail and Meerkats have an excellent, collaborative working relationship on the Lotterywest account.

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