Five agencies collaborate on Open House Perth

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OPH2.jpgMuch like Perth's skyline, Perth's creative landscape is changing. Traditionally dominated by big marketing agencies and design houses, Perth creatives are teaming up on high-profile projects to bring more spark, fluidity and perspective to concept development.

For Carly Barrett, Creative Director of the recent Open House Perth project, creative collaboration was key to concept development and execution of the high profile Open House Perth brand and project execution.

Gathering together a team of creatives from across Perth, Barrett build a collaborative cooperative of creative minds from across sectors to build and execute the Open House Perth brand. While usually brand creation, website design, campaign execution, collateral design and public relations would all be handled by one, usually multi-national, organisation for a project of this scope, Barrett believed that, as Open House Perth marked a celebration of Perth and the businesses and buildings that make it unique, it was important to showcase as much of Perth's creative talent as possible.
While working collaboratively on each phase of the project, five key agencies drove various aspects of the Open House Perth project:

• The Creative Arts House developed and designed the Open House Perth brand as well as the integrated social media strategy.
• Marketforce developed and executed the marketing campaign.
• Bouncing Orange developed and maintained the Open House Perth website and interactive itinerary mapping software.
• Scoop magazines designed maps and programmes for the event weekend.
• Muse Bureau developed and managed the public relations campaign.

OPH.jpgAccording to Clare S Properjohn, founder of The Creative Arts House, "Working on the Open House Perth project with a team of dedicated, like-minded individuals from across Perth's creative industries was a fantastic opportunity. Traditionally, the Perth creative scene has been dominated by major advertising and commercial houses but in recent years, smaller, more niche agencies are popping up. Being smaller adds fluidity and responsiveness and working collaboratively with larger agencies gives projects more scope and creative depth."

As a mark of this successful collaboration, over 47,000 visits marked the inaugural event over the two days, despite unseasonal inclement weather. Open House Perth, a celebration of Perth city, it's architecture and it's amazing array of bars, restaurants, cafes and boutiques, occurred on November 3 & 4.


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