Transperth on the move to 303Lowe

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Transperth.jpgAs foreshadowed by Campaign Brief two weeks ago, 303Lowe has been appointed to the Transperth account by the Public Transport Authority after a two-stage competitive tender. The appointment covers the planning, design and production of integrated marketing campaigns for the next five years.
René Migliore, Head of Business Management 303Lowe, 'We're really excited. With so many developments under way, Transperth represents a brilliant opportunity to be part of the future of Perth and we're looking forward to working with their team."
Transperth's Information and Event Services Manager Charlotte Hayes said "Perth's rapid expansion had seen continued growth in the use of the public transport network, this brings added challenges for the brand and our communications. We're looking to capitalise on 303Lowe's integrated services to help us create effective communications, and leverage the Transperth brand."
Derry Simpson, Head of Planning at 303Lowe, "We'll be working with Transperth to explore 'what's next' for their brand and how they can continue to be relevant for Perth commuters."

In particular, Transperth will be looking to 303Lowe to apply its strategic, creative and particularly digital expertise to explore the opportunities for Transperth in connecting the brand with commuters through digital platforms.


Steven Bacon said:

Transperth need more than just worrying about their reach to customers through digital technology.
Start with reliability, safety and security. They have very poor levels of these requirements especially so when delivering services to the public. I, among others do not trust transperth and only utilise the services out of necessity and not preference.

and eggs said:

so what are you trying to say

Quaker said:

People who have to get the bus will always get the bus. Anyone who doesn't have to, won't. Advertising can't shift entrenched normative behaviours where car-use is concerned. Should be good for a few tricksy award-winners, though.

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