ADMA launches new Marketing Compliance Hub to help marketers stay on the right side of the law

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Adma-logo_2-thumb-200x200-92971.jpgWith changes to Australia's privacy laws passed last week, including the threat of $1.1 million fines for marketers who break the law, the Association for data-driven marketing & advertising (ADMA) is helping marketers and advertisers get to grips with new compliance responsibilities by launching the country's first online Marketing Compliance Hub.
The Marketing Compliance Hub is a centralised, one-stop resource where marketers and advertisers can go to ensure their marketing campaigns remain on the right side of the law and to stay up to date on the latest developments in compliance.
Says Jodie Sangster, ADMA CEO: "The Marketing Compliance Hub is now the 24/7  'go to' resource to help advertisers and marketers practise responsible marketing and keep abreast of regulatory developments like the recent changes to the privacy laws. There is no other resource like this in Australia."

The hub has two purposes: to provide regular updates on what is happening in the world of marketing and advertising compliance (daily from February 2013) and offer 'how to' guides through videos, webinars, FAQs and checklists.
For those who worry about wading through legalese, the hub delivers plain English compliance advice to help marketers quickly get abreast of the rules and best practice standards.
For legal eagles, it contains all the relevant government guidelines, codes of practice and legislation.
There's also global information to educate marketers about compliance issues overseas which may impact here.
Says Sangster: "Marketers have asked us for this service so they can follow best practice and keep in touch with what's happening in the compliance space. They know being compliant can add value to their business and increase consumer confidence."
The hub is available to all advertisers and marketers until February 2013, after which it will be available to ADMA members only.

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